Jared Taylor On CNN’s “the State of Hate”
Posted on: 07/01/2019 04:51 PM

It is entirely possible that we have long ago reached the point where reason and eloquence no longer serves our purpose. Nevertheless, hats off to Mr. Taylor for stepping boldly into the bear cave.

by Jared Taylor

In April, CNN asked me for an interview with one of its hosts, Fareed Zakaria, as part of an hour-long program on “white nationalism.” I was reluctant. Programs of this kind don’t try to understand why people become “white nationalists.” They just dismiss them as “racists,” “haters,” and “white supremacists.”

I explained this to executive producer Liza McGuirk, who wrote back on April 22:

I understand your concern—that somehow your words may be manipulated to illustrate a point of view. I offer my assurances that we will not do that, and I am comfortable putting that in writing because it is anathema to me, and I am responsible for the editing of the project. . . . .

We are attempting to do a serious treatment of White Nationalism, and to explore many questions that surround race at this point in time.

Obviously there is no shortage of people who will come on CNN and say things that will shock the audience. We are not seeking an interview with someone like that, but instead we wanted to speak with you, because you’ve spent years writing about these issues, and making detailed arguments to illustrate your theses. . . .

Jared Taylor On CNN’s “the State of Hate”

It is precisely because I do NOT want to distort your point of view, by using video shot at another time, and perhaps not cut properly—that I think it is important that you sit down with Fareed Zakaria for an interview. . . .

I hope that we can find a way to conduct this interview—we are genuinely interested in hearing your point of view, and I would look forward to discussing further if you are willing.

I reluctantly agreed to the interview, writing to Miss McGuirk: “Against my own nature, I grow cynical. Still, I will permit myself to hope that the word ‘hate’ will not be in the title of your program and that my interview will not be sandwiched between footage of goose-steppers and cross-burners.”

On May 3, I flew to New York. Mr. Zakaria wasted a lot of time claiming that race does not exist and that even if it does, as a sub-continental Indian he’s white, too. (NOTE: If Mr. Zakaria is white, then Muhammad Ali was Japanese! -- ed.)

Again, I said I hoped the word “hate” would not be in the title, but Mr. Zakaria and Miss McGuirk said others would choose the title.

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