In 2018 Nashville, TN
Posted on: 05/10/2019 03:50 PM

...(a 56% White City), Non-Whites Committed 93% of Non-Fatal Shootings and 84.6% of Homicides.

Slavery and whitey MUST be the blame.

No one has ever analyzed these statistics before. The Tennessean is the Gannett-owned newspaper in Nashville, and the writers for this publication have never discussed this data before, nor have any of the local news affiliates owned by ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX.

From the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD), we get the incredible Density Maps With Victim / Suspect Demographics 2018 (Revised April 12, 2019).

Before we look into the criminal statistics by race this report provides, it’s important we point out two important facts: Nashville is 56 percent white and 28 percent black.

So here we go. In 2018 Nashville...

In 2018 Nashville, TN

Non-whites were 71.5 percent of aggravated assault suspects (blacks were 59.2%)

Non-whites were 93.6% of nonfatal shooting suspects (blacks were 59.2%)

Non-whites were 84.6% of homicide suspects (blacks were 51.9%)

Non-whites were 83.8% of robbery suspects (blacks were 72.8%)

All across America, the racial reality of crime hides in plain sight.


From the comment section:

...As soon as you quote the overall stats, you get called a racist. When I am called racist, I always answer, “That may be true, but let’s return to the statistics, as they don”t care what I may or may not be.”

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