How to Put the Apostles of Epic Evil in Checkmate
Posted on: 07/09/2019 01:59 AM

by Mindweapon

We can put the globalist elites in a “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” situation.

The weakness of our enemies is that they abuse the young. The young grow up, and make sense of what happened to them, and practice a culture and politics reflective of their life experience.

If the white nationalist movement dedicates itself to supporting proper environment for the younger generations, by financially supporting young white families in exchange for a pledge to exclude electronics devices from the household and to do rigorous homeschooling such as the RObinson curriculum or EAU's, we can wage inter-generational war.

The children from these families will become the elites from 2030’s onward.

Everybody else is dropping out. Idiocracy is becoming real. This will leave any field demanding competence wide open to us, if only we collectively realized this.

We can win, easily. We can make sure that the indispensable men of the 2030’s are largely our guys. We can make a variant on the Atlas Shrugged story happen for real, except for the benefit of our people.

If white nationalists devote our resources to helping the younger generations while everyone else is literally shitting on them, it guarantees they will grow up to be fanatically devoted to our cause.

If white nationalists conspicuously helping the younger generations forces the ruling elites to provide more resources and opportunities to white children, we still win because we conquered resources for the white kids.

That’s why helping younger generations can put the Apostles of Epic Evil in checkmate.

Many racially aware people are now grandparents or, for whatever reason, never had kids. But genetic similarity theory (see Rushton's "Race Evolution and Behavior, unabridged 3rd Edition) demonstrates that even the childless benefit by helping children of their own ethnicity. Breaking out of ingrained selfishness to reach out and help a white family homeschool their kids could strike an epic blow for our folk.

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