Greeted as Liberators? Pompeo Says Iranians Will View Soleimani Killing as ‘Giving Them Freedom’
Posted on: 01/05/2020 11:36 PM

This is how "freedom" turned out for Libya - thanks to Obama, Clinton and the neocons: under Qaddafi, Libya had free education, free health care, no external debt, newlyweds received $50,000 from the government, and there was no interest on bank loans. Now, it's a war-ravaged hellhole. And the same liberals are excoriating Trump for his actions in Iran.

Who do these people think they're fooling?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Iranians will view the U.S. assassination of Qasem Soleimani as “giving them freedom,” an echo of the claim that American forces would be “greeted as liberators” after the invasion of Iraq.

On Friday morning’s edition of CNN’s New Day, co-anchor John Berman interviewed Secretary Pompeo about the Trump-ordered killing of the Iranian leader — which was done without notifying Congress.

Pompeo spent the first part of the interview evading specific questions about the specific nature of the threat posed by Soleimani, but asked by Berman if there were any “threats to the U.S. Homeland?”, Pompeo replied that “These were threats in the region.”

Greeted as Liberators? Pompeo Says Iranians Will View Soleimani Killing as ‘Giving Them Freedom’

Berman noted that Soleimani has been a serious threat for “decades,” and asked “what is different, or what was different yesterday, than over the last 15 years?”

Pompeo told Berman that intelligence about Soleimani’s activities demonstrated that it was “time to take action to deter further aggression” by the general and the Iranian government, but when pressed, refused to discuss the nature of the “imminent threat.”

Pompeo told Berman that the U.S. is prepared for a range of responses from Iran, but said he hopes the response will be a pro-American uprising.


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