Greece Under Siege, Patriots Respond
Posted on: 03/03/2020 01:22 AM

NOTE: Greek govt stops 9,600+ attempts by "migrants" to illegally enter Greece over the weekend; border situation expected to deteriorate as 13,000+ gather. Additionally, there is footage of Greek citizens burning down "refugee" centers and not allowing "refugee" boats to dock. The media has avoided any and all reporting of this ongoing, dangerous situation.

Greece’s Deputy Defense Minister Alkiviadis Stefanis announced over the weekend that the migrants who’ve amassed at the Greek-Turkish border – most of whom are fighting-age men – made around 9,600 attempts to illegally enter Greece.

According to the Deputy Defense Minister, all 9,600 attempts to break through the border were successfully stopped, Kathimerini reports.

Thousands upon thousands of migrant invaders have already amassed at the Greek-Turkish border while tens of thousands are reportedly on their way. On Sunday, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu – a man who last August said European governments wouldn’t survive six months if Turkey ‘opened the gates’ – on Sunday morning announced that 76,358 migrants were headed toward Greece.

The Greeks want their beautiful islands back.

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Greece Under Siege, Patriots Respond

According to a spokeswoman, the EU authority Frontex is sending reinforcements to the Greek border. At the request of the Greek government, Frontex had arranged for additional officials and equipment to be deployed. Frontex has also raised the alarm level for all EU borders with Turkey to “high”.

Late last week, following months and months of continuous threats to ‘open the gates’ and flood Europe with migrants, the Turkish regime finally made good on its promise and ordered its border guards and coastguard to stand down.

Over 13,000 migrants have now arrived at the border with Greece, according to the UN Organization for Migration (IOM).

Situation on the Turkish side of the Turkish-Greek border tonight.

Immigrants who have been played by Erdogan are sleeping in the fields, lighting fires to stay warm.

#IStandWithGreece #Greece_under_attack

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In light of the increasingly tense situation, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said: “If the protection of the EU’s external border is unsuccessful, Austria will protect its borders. A situation like 2015 must never happen again. ”

NOTE: There is a report that one "refugee" has been shot in the mouth and died, while a child is reported to have drowned. Additionally, there is online footage of "refugees" holding their children over smoky fires to make them cry for the cameras. --ed.

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