GOP Senator Mike Lee Continues Pimping For Indian Workers, American Job Displacement
Posted on: 10/19/2019 06:14 PM

U.S. investors ... need additional cheap Indian workers to meet the stock market’s demand for economic growth and continued groups want to recruit more Indians to fill Americans’ jobs in hospitals and healthcare centers around the nation.

GOP Sen. Mike Lee Thanks India’s Visa-Workers for Pressuring U.S. Senators to Export U.S. Jobs

A GOP Senator met with more than 100 Indian contract workers in Congress and publicly urged them to lobby U.S. Senators for passage of his legislation to give citizenship to more Indian workers who push middle-class Americans out of college-graduate jobs.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) (Contact him) made the request on Thursday, shortly his fourth bid to pass his S.286 green-card giveaway bill. The bill was quickly blocked by an objection from a Democratic Senator — while the other 52 GOP Senators did not speak out. “We’re now down to one objector, just one,” Lee claimed, adding:

What we don’t know is how long any one objector will continue to object to something that does as much good as this bill does while doing no harm. It is pretty hard to do that … I’m going to have to keep doing it until I lose my voice.

“Over time, [objectors] tend to get tired of objecting, in part, because they hear from good people like you who tell them this legislation is good, this legislation needs to pass,” Lee told the Indian workers, most of whom voluntarily took white-collar jobs, salaries and even careers from American graduates in exchange for their employers’ promises to give them green cards.

GOP Senator Mike Lee Continues Pimping For Indian Workers, American Job Displacement


Few GOP Senators want their voters to see them voting for Lee’s bill, which exports the college-grad jobs needed by their husbands and wives, sons and daughters. But no GOP Senator has publicly denounced Lee’s business-backed giveaway bill, which has been twice blocked by Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin.

But Durbin blocked Lee’s bill because he thinks it does not provide enough green cards to foreign workers. In turn, Lousiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy has blocked Durbin’s “RELIEF Act,” which would annually allow roughly 100,000 Indian workers to get green cards providing they take good jobs from Durbin’s constituents.

Lee also blamed Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell for not allowing a formal vote on his bill, and for forcing Lee to see passage via the fast-track –and easily blocked – “Unanimous Consent” process. “Strategic judgment calls made by those who set the calendar for the Senate — it is the source of great frustration,” he told the foreign contract-workers.

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