Germany: Doctor Says Diseases Once Eradicated Brought in by Migrants
Posted on: 07/16/2019 05:06 AM

Just one more joy of diversity being our strength. And they get pissed because they have to pay for treatment.


A DOCTOR working in German hospitals has revealed the horrifying chaos which could face the NHS (UK)if thousands of migrants from the Middle East manage to reach Britain - including the return of killer diseases eradicated generations ago.

The female anaesthetist said the German health service has been completely overwhelmed by the influx of Muslim asylum-seekers who are REFUSING to be treated by female medics.

In a furious outburst the experienced doctor said hospitals simply cannot cope because so many of the migrants require treatments for diseases long since eradicated in Europe.

She also shockingly claimed migrant parents are abandoning their children at pharmacies across the country after being told that they have to pay a prescription charge for lifesaving drugs.

She also claimed huge numbers of the asylum-seekers have Victorian diseases including TB, which they risk passing on to locals.

Germany: Doctor Says Diseases Once Eradicated Brought in by Migrants

Meanwhile, German authorities have been forced to post police at hospitals around the country after others got involved in angry clashes with medics over cultural differences.

The doctor, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote to the press back home in the Czech Republic to express her shock at the "unsustainable" situation which she says is now affecting the medical care received by taxpaying Germans.

She said: "Clinics cannot handle emergencies, so they are starting to send everything to the hospitals.

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