Georgia Students Burn Latina Author’s Book After White Privilege Discussion
Posted on: 10/15/2019 03:34 AM

So...a non-white "Latina" goes to a predominately White school, proceeds to sh!t on the White attendees for being 'privileged,' and is shocked--SHOCKED, I tell you--because she was called out. And then they burned her stupid book.


A group of students at a predominantly white public university in Georgia burned the book of a Latina author who had delivered a lecture on campus after some attendees accused her of "dissing white people."

Jennine Capó Crucet, a New York Times contributor and associate professor at the University of Nebraska, (NOTE: How's that for privileged? -- ed.)spoke about her novel Make Your Home Among Strangers at Georgia Southern University on Wednesday night. The award-winning book, published in 2015, tells the story of a Cuban American girl from Miami who gets accepted to a prestigious college in New York and struggles to fit into the privileged, predominantly white environment.

The book was required reading for some of Georgia Southern's First-Year Experience classes, according to the university.

Georgia Students Burn Latina Author’s Book After White Privilege Discussion

On Wednesday evening, the school hosted Crucet, who spoke to the entire first-year class at the performing arts center. When she opened the floor to the audience for questions, some attendees peppered her for criticizing white people, according to the George-Anne, the university's newspaper.

“I noticed that you made a lot of generalizations about the majority of white people being privileged,” one student said to the author, according to the paper. “What makes you believe that it’s okay to come to a college campus, like this, when we are supposed to be promoting diversity on this campus, which is what we’re taught. I don’t understand what the purpose of this was.”


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