French Intellectual Says No-Go Zones Must Be Reconquered by Force (VIDEO)
Posted on: 05/09/2020 11:06 PM

Talking, voting, and engaging with political hacks stopped working a long time ago.

Eric Zemmour, a prominent conservative intellectual and political journalist, recently argued that France’s crime ridden and drug infested ‘suburbs’ – also known as no-go zones – have become foreign enclaves and must be reconquered by force or abandoned entirely.

During a discussion segment on the French television channel CNEWS, Zemmour contends that a catastrophic situation has arisen where hostile foreign forces, most of which are Islamic, have taken over the suburbs of various cities in France and continue to wage war against law enforcement.

Zemmour, who’s also a spokesman for the police union Synergie, described an ‘asymmetrical war’ being waged by the Left-wing media against the police, who are smeared as colonizers and blamed for the violence which often takes place in these migrant enclaves.

To remedy the situation, the police union has proposed that officers also be able to film what is happening in the suburbs and “disseminate the images to show the reality of their interventions”.

French Intellectual Says No-Go Zones Must Be Reconquered by Force (VIDEO)

“I totally agree with them. I think they should film it, show it on television, and we’d see what’s going on there. We’d see that the police are victims of years of neglect, and we’d see that [non-French residents and migrants] are the foreign power.”

Later in the segment, after one of the panel’s commentators agreed with his point that many of these so-called no-go zones are under foreign occupation, Zemmour went further, saying: “That’s the difference between you and me. I think we reconquer by force. However, in order to reconquer, there’s a problem with the number of people.”

“You think that we can bring people around by means of education. That’s something I don’t believe anymore.”

“There is a sentence from Hegel that I say all of the time: ‘The quantity become a quality,'” Zemmour concluded. “So in this case, it is necessary to reconquer by force or give up.”

For a long time now, Zemmour has warned of the dangers that migrant enclaves pose to the French state and to the public.

In March, Zemmour argued that immigrants living in France’s no-go suburbs threaten the country with chaos by refusing to abide by the government’s lockdown measures which have been put in place to fight the Wuhan coronavirus, as reported by Voice of Europe.

Since France’s nationwide lockdowns were first put in place on March 14th, police, firefighters, and other first responders have repeatedly been attacked while responding to disturbances in migrant suburbs.

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