Far-Right Mayor in France Declares That Being French Means 'Being European, White and Catholic'
Posted on: 09/11/2016 03:28 PM

In the meantime the far left, the middle left and the near left all say that France's 'magic dirt' will magically transform African boat people into 'real" French people "by virtue of geographical relocation, thereby instantly negating of all of their racial, ethnic religious, political, and cultural traditions."

A far-right mayor has been described as 'stupid' for claiming that being French means being 'European, white and Catholic'.

In the wake of the comments by Robert Ménard, anti-racism group LICRA said it was taking legal action against the outspoken politician.

He went on to complain that 91 per cent of children in some French schools were Muslim.

Responding to the comments, president of LICRA Alain Jakubowicz said the mayor's latest outburst 'beat the record of shame and stupidity'.

He announced on Twitter that he had submitted a complaint to the prosecutor's office, accusing Ménard of hate speech.

This is not the first time the firebrand mayor has landed himself in hot water with his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Far-Right Mayor in France Declares That Being French Means 'Being European, White and Catholic'

Last year he stormed into a squat in Beziers and told a family of Syrian refugees that they were not welcome.

Angry the refugees had allegedly broken in, the 62-year-old used a translator to tell them: 'You are not welcome in this town. You came in this apartment breaking the door.'

He added: 'You are stealing the water. People are paying for the water, but you are stealing electricity and water.

'I'm saying it again: you are not welcome in this town. If you behave correctly, you are welcome, but not if you behave like this.'

Months later, the former journalist criticised Muslims who gathered for Catholic Mass in churches and cathedrals across France in a show of unity following the murder of priest Jacques Hamel by two ISIS thugs.

Speaking at the time he said: 'It is like letting the fire-starters extinguish the flames' and described the Muslims as 'predators' and 'pyromaniacs.'

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