European Union Passes 'Afro-European' Preferential Treatment Plan (2018)
Posted on: 04/01/2019 05:27 PM

We had no idea this was in the works until now. Flooding Europe with low IQ, violence prone bipeds is not enough. Now they have to be treated like kings because white people are bad or something.

EU passes a resolution calling for Afro-Europeans to receive preferential treatment

A few days ago the EU passed a resolution called “Fundamental Rights of People of African Descent in Europe.” It was introduced by a member of the British Labour party who was born in India.

The resolution calls for preferential treatment for “Afro-Europeans” of “sub-Saharan African descent” to counter the alleged effects of “Afrophobia.”

African immigrants living in Europe typically have a far higher standard of living than their counterparts in Africa. They also have far more rights, privileges, and entitlements. This is why they go to great lengths to try to move to Europe. However, the resolution makes wild unsubstantiated conspiratorial claims of Afro-Europeans being oppressed, mistreated, and targeted for crimes.

European Union Passes 'Afro-European' Preferential Treatment Plan (2018)

The resolution calls for Afro-Europeans to disproportionately benefit from Government spending. “People of African descent should be taken into account more in current funding programmes.” It also calls on European nations to make amends for “colonialism,” including unspecified “reparations.”

There is even an indirect attack on the Dutch Christmas character “Zwarte Piet.”

The entire resolution is justified by saying that it is white people’s fault that the average black person performs worse on academic tests than the average white person. It fails to point out that the United States has spent 100 years and trillions of dollars in a failed effort to get all the races to perform equally on academic tests. In fact, the resolution itself even admits that there is “limited data” showing blacks are actually mistreated in European schools. It simply says different average test scores are proof of mistreatment.

One part of the resolution I found particularly evil doesn’t even have anything to do with race. It says that the government is responsible for giving and protecting your rights. “The prime responsibility for the rule of law and fundamental rights of the citizens lies with governments.” I believe that government is the inherent enemy of human rights and is perpetually seeking to limit human rights and freedom, not expand them.

This disgraceful resolution was passed with 535 yes votes, 80 no votes, 135 either abstaining or not voting.

The interesting thing to note is the French rejected it. France probably has the highest percentage of sub-Saharan Africans. France has experienced huge American style race riots. The black population produces its own American inspired violent gangster rap music. There are huge problems with racially motivated black on white violence in France.

All of the French National Rally and National Rally splinter faction MEPs voted against it. Most of the center-right Les Republicans also voted against it. It actually failed among the French delegation 37 to 31 with 6 people not voting.

France accounted for almost half of the no votes and appears to be the only country where it failed.

The only members from the United Kingdom who voted against it were four members of the original UKIP delegation. Gerard Batten, the new leader of UKIP, voted against it. The rest, including Nigel Farage, shamelessly abstained.

A lot of Eastern European behaved very disappointingly. I guess they thought, “not my country’s problem, who cares.”

Only four Poles voted against it. The Polish Law and Justice Party all voted for it.

The Hungarian Fidesz party and the Austrian Freedom party all abstained or didn’t cast a vote.

Surprisingly all members of the Belgian New Flemish Alliance and the Danish People’s Party voted against it. The MEP for the Flemish party Vlaams Belang abstained, which was very disappointing.

The Italian League and Geert Wilders Party for Freedom also voted against it. Other parties that opposed it were the True Finns, Golden Dawn, and most of the AfD members.

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