European Disciplines of Life and Disciplines of Function
Posted on: 07/09/2018 06:28 PM

by Doug Eiderzen

Over the past previous days, since I posted my last article, the news and the times which we occupy have been filled with many issues to confront and challenge. For the most part, I like to let an issue rest for awhile before addressing said issue. This way the emotion tends to subside and one can move to the actual `crust of the pie` in a manner more true to rational thought.

There are two concepts of philosophy or ways of approaching life that I would like to introduce: the first concept deals with our European disciplines of life and the second concept deals with our European methodical disciplines of function. I identify our disciplines of life as the `why` for our existence (reasons). I identify our disciplines of function as to the `how` our existence continues (methods). Accordingly, the methods are put in place for the continuation and protection of the reasons for our existence. The European essence to being is addressed. I refer to and deal with these concepts, among other related issues, in my book, `The Application of Thought and Reality: The Model` (the purple book, for brevity).

Our disciplines of life are focused on the being and represent three concepts: our history; our philosophies toward the living of life; and, for some individuals, our cultural religion. Therefore, we have history, philosophy, and religion. I believe for all Europeans (Europe, European Americans, and other Europeans of other Western/Occidental established countries) our disciplines of life are what give us the reason to exist and move forward. Their excellence forms our rationale for life. These disciplines of life make up the European being: the matter of the quality, and accomplishment of the mind, and the soul. Thus, our disciplines of life are the heart of our cultural nature. I like to think of this as a European nationalistic cultural approach for us; yes, a nationalistic cultural attitude toward the superiority of our values and beliefs. Our disciplines of life are what the person will sacrifice life to preserve.

Our disciplines of function serve one purpose; a purpose, which is to support and preserve our disciplines of life: the methods toward and for the continuation of the European being. The heart of our European cultural nature must be protected for its continuation in existence. Our disciplines of function are designed and mandated to help the quality disciplines of life to continue in observable existence, in mind, and in spirit. We apply and put into motion techniques of procedure or processes of procedure for the continuation of our history, philosophy, religion and expectation of superiority.

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