Enforcing Corporate Responsibility
Posted on: 07/17/2019 05:01 PM

by Brian Markley

Brian Markley has been a member of EAU for over a decade and is the Special Project Coordinator for our Corporate Responsibility project.

In my previous article, “What You Can and Should be Doing,” I outlined a few of the challenges facing European-American nationalists and identitarians, and some steps we should take to overcome those barriers. Most of what I discussed was related to struggles that those who have been red-pilled personally face on a day-to-day basis.

If we zoom out a bit and look at the bigger picture, we will all see something rather intimidating. Even if a majority of European-Americans became red-pilled, and even if a majority of those red-pilled decided to become involved in public activism, it would appear to be at best a battle between David and Goliath (we would be David). Also, there would be an army of Goliaths, not just one.

This army of Goliaths is the great multitude of corporations and organizations that actively work to promote causes that harm our people. Countless corporations promote open borders for illegal immigrants and economic migrants posing as “refugees” (because they want cheap labor and / or because they want to score points with the left). Others engage in race baiting rhetoric (a soft word for anti-White rhetoric) partly to win over the “woke” crowd and gain good publicity, and partly to fill their own pockets. Those that are not explicitly anti-White still engage in activities and promote policies and agendas that hurt our people indirectly (supporting feminism and the LGBTQIA agenda, abortion on demand, and other attacks on traditional values).

Even those that do not directly engage in any such agenda often support or are allied / partnered with other corporations that do. The number of major, well-known corporations that are pro-European American (or even just pro-American) and pro-traditional values (or even just pro-individual liberty so that those with traditional values can follow their consciences) can probably be counted on one hand; I personally cannot think of any off the top of my head.

Zoom back in and look at where you fit into this picture. If the thought of our foes pressing in on every side and inevitable defeat raises your blood pressure, that is an understandable reaction, but you need to consider two things - the first, a moral principal, and the second, a pragmatic fact.

1. We do not engage in this effort after carefully calculating our odds of winning and then only engage if our chances are 50% or better. We engage because we have a moral imperative to do so. If for no other reason, this should be our motive.

More encouraging, however, is the fact that

2. The only reason they are so strong and numerous is that we continue to feed them.

After some discussion with John Young, I came to the conclusion that one of the best ways I can help our cause right now is to head EAU’s Corporate Responsibility project. I am compiling a list of corporations and organizations that are actively working to harm our people (the list also includes their partners, allies, and supporters).

In the activism forum on the members’ only website, I have compiled a list including the names of the corporations / organizations and the precise reasons we should boycott each one. I need the help of other members to add more names to the list.

We need to starve our enemies - we need to stop feeding them. To the extent it is possible, we need to re-arrange our lives and our spending habits to make sure that our money is not going to people who want to see us silenced, politically neutered, and demographically reduced to a minority within our own homeland.

For you, this could mean having to do without certain luxuries. It could mean having to forgo certain entertainment options and re-direct that time toward intellectual pursuits. Realistically, many of us will need to find other small businesses to buy products and services from.

This is perhaps the best way to help our cause without generating any publicity. No protests. No demonstrations. No rallies. No risk of being confronted by Antifa. No risk of being doxed.

The worst case scenario is that you have to do without some things and find other places to do business, but this will hit the enemy right where it hurts the most.

We recently reset member passwords on the members-only site so if you have difficulty getting in, contact John Young. Artwork provided by Jesus Solana under the Creative Commons license.

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