Enabling The Extinction
Posted on: 07/27/2020 05:16 AM

If an Awakening doesn’t come soon, which other activists decades ago of various stripes pleaded for, European Americans are permanently fated for minority status by the middle of this century if not sooner.

But you already know this, right?

by Frank Roman

What seems like a century ago, the now deceased former presidential candidate senator John McCain made the following remark: “We are a nation of many races…(and) many points of origin. But our one shared faith is the belief that a nation conceived in an idea will prove stronger, more enduring, and better than any nation…made from a common race or culture.”-Senator John McCain

What a guy. We have to wonder if this very thought had ever passed through the mind of Senator McCain –when and if– he ever walked the streets of Tokyo, Seoul or Saigon with its nearly one hundred percent homogeneous population? You can only imagine the oriental horse laughs he would have gotten had he sat in a radio station and told his homogeneous audience that they were doing it all wrong; that their high trust fully functioning nation of one people had failed because they were not "a nation of many races."

"Racism" at its finest, right Senator? Anyway...

The Fish and Wildlife Service tells us that before a plant or animal group can receive protection under the Endangered Species Act, concerned persons must bring it to the attention of the proper authorities who then verify these concerns before putting it on the Federal list of endangered wildlife and plants. An “endangered” species is one which is threatened by extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its home. In other words, the life form in question is at risk of becoming extinct because it is either not reproducing or is threatened by changing environmental factors — or it’s being killed off by predators.

Only a few of the many species in the animal kingdom which are at risk of extinction obtain legal protection. Unfortunately, many more species become extinct, or potentially will become extinct, without gaining public notice. A few of the creatures that could very well face extinction are the Siberian Tiger, the Silverback Gorilla, the American Bison, pilot whales, the California condor and the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, just to name a few. Certainly, many people have heard of these wonderful animals; and if these animals were to become extinct, at the end of the day a very small but vocal segment of the population (including myself) would decry this sad event while the rest would give two-flips-to-the-wind about it. Concerning the only other thing that might awaken the indolent sector of Americans to actually care about preserving something –would be an immediate threat to their television viewing and shopping habits.

Enabling The Extinction

So while we cannot expect the US Fish and Wildlife Service to put persons of European descent on the list of endangered “species” let me state here and now – for the public record – that European Americans United believes that a corresponding entity with the reach and influence of, say, the United Nations really should do exactly that. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the so-called “minority” population of the United States has reached well over the 100 million mark. That means only two-thirds or less of Americans are whites of non-Hispanic background. In four states – Hawaii, New Mexico, California and Texas (Georgia is getting there) – non-Hispanic whites are a distinct yet dwindling minority, complete with the cultural baggage of the interlopers overwhelming the landscape. The inexorable vector towards a less and less white United States would still continue even if U.S. borders could be hermetically sealed, because the younger the age of the demographic group, the less white they are, and the more they tend to recklessly breed. (That's where an aggressive EAU deportation program comes in.)

As of now the majority of the nation’s children under the age of five are Hispanic, black or Asian. What’s more, way back in 2006, the black American population officially reached 40 million. Because Blacks are regularly under counted, we can assume that the real number is a hell of alot more than 40 million as of right now. But while the black population isn’t growing as fast as Hispanics and Asians – who are also under counted, of course — European Americans are barely increasing their numbers if at all; opting instead for abortion, birth control and childless families in order to facilitate their precious careers. ("Higher education" will do that. Every single time.)

In other words the racial graffiti is on the wall. And just exactly what does that graffiti say? According to a Pew Research Center paper way back in 2008 the population of the United States will grow to 438 million in 2050 from 296 million in 2005 if current population trends continue. As of now the US population is well over 300 million. Non-Hispanic whites – European Americans — will account for 47 percent (or less) of the total in 2050. By that time, one in every five “Americans” will be a foreign-born or Third World immigrant, compared to one in eight back in 2005. That means 67 million Third World persons will be added to the population plus another 50 million of their children for a mind-boggling total of 117 million people. Indeed, you can be sure the elites firmly ensconced in the media, the tech sector, the universities and politics must be absolutely giddy with this prospect.

In fact, when a scruffy shambling Black Lives Matter "intellectual" from the University of Georgia, Irami Osei-Frimpong, can say “Some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole,” and “To pretend that’s not the case is ahistorical and generally naive,” and not suffer one word or action of condemnation it's clear he and our elite policy makers down to the sweaty bomb throwers in Portland want White Americans extinct in order for blacks to be "made whole." That is what they're saying, that's the bottom line, that's their logic.

Race will always matter. But when the non-white majority continues to expand in scope, power and influence in our nation, as all forms of communication and policy making are demanding, will descend into chaos even worse than what we're seeing right now with anti-White death wish riots in the major cities. And, unlike the protection endangered species in the animal kingdom deservedly receive, you can forget about affirmative action, protected status and set asides for our people when all is said and done, bank on it. All you need to do is cast a macro historical view at places like the previously White Boer South Africa, French abandoned Haiti and the now permanently Muslimized London to understand this dangerous reality. As a matter of fact, their gallows ready traitors in the EU and Parliament would most likely agree with the above mentioned Irami Osei-Frimpong's call for annihilation.

Enabling the extinction of a certain people for the sake of John McCain's "idea" is what this is.

You know as well as I do the vast majority of Third World immigrants will never admit there are flaws in their own culture that create the problems they are trying to move away from, which can only mean the same problems will follow them and be recreated in the countries to which they move. In recent weeks you've seen our enemies in high places here in the United States have all but discarded nuance and smoke screens since they no longer feel compelled to hide their true intentions. After all, when you observe the magnitude and velocity of our changing cultural and demographic trends toward a non-white America it is clear somewhere along the way “someone” decided the United States had reflected the people of Europe long enough — and it was time to for a change. Their malicious objective is on full display now. In the age of masks, their masks have been tossed into the garbage exposing their hateful, elongated faces. They cheer as scores of White people lose their jobs and their lives decimated for not supporting the anti-White riots currently vomited from your television screens.

If an awakening doesn’t come soon, which other activists decades ago of various stripes pleaded for, European Americans are permanently fated for minority status by the middle of this century if not sooner. But don’t look for that awakening or the information cited in this piece to come from the mouths of people like Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or any particular strain of politician, clergy or university professor. They would find themselves cast into the outer darkness by their own colleagues faster than you can say George Floyd. So it’s definitely up to YOU.

Remember…in the disciplines of biology and ecology, extinction is the ending of a way of life for a group (or race) which in turn actually reduces the precious diversity the politically correct crowd likes to squawk about. Any group (regardless of its ethnos) will become extinct when it is no longer able to survive in changing conditions or against superior competition. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of that species (although the capacity to breed and recover may have been lost long before this point). Because a species’ home range may be very large or scattered determining this moment is difficult, and is usually done with hand wringing hindsight. Now of course I am referring to European Americans in a worst case scenario — if the analogy wasn’t lost on you. Moreover, if our people continue to allow themselves to be gas lighted into thinking black lives matter more than theirs, which is what many are doing now because everyone else seems to be doing it, the necrosis will set in even faster. In other words, as in the animal kingdom, the life form in question (us) is at risk of becoming extinct because it is either not reproducing or is threatened by changing environmental factors — or it’s being killed off by predators.

(And by the way, the media has a neat trick they like to play. On one day they will say or print that those evil white nationalists who don't like the idea of whites becoming a minority or disappearing altogether are merely indulging a conspiracy theory. A few days later they will say demographic change is inevitable and we should just shut the hell up and accept it. Gas lighting at its finest.)

But as it stands — according to the information we cited above and reams of more current information found online — in 2050, if the self aware segment of our people are unable to survive or reproduce in our own environment, or unable to move to a new environment where we can do so, we will eventually die out and become extinct if not permanently marginalized without an ally insight. And yet many Americans and their European cousins abroad continue to whistle past the graveyard at midnight, preferring insipid distractions and mindless pursuits instead. They are utterly clueless about the future and would prefer the rest of us to join them.

While I cannot accurately predict what that future will bring in terms of either upheaval or enlightenment you can be sure something very unpleasant could be in the works. Like Robert W. Merry recently wrote in The American "Conservative:" "...down the road, as the issue intensifies and as white Americans feel increasingly beleaguered by the left’s identity politics and disdain for Middle America, as more demonstrations and riots ensue with more destructive force, a counter-movement will emerge. It likely will approach the body politic as quietly as Sandberg’s fog. But, once it arrives, it won’t stay quiet for long."

I like that idea.

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