EAU's Suicide Intervention Manual is Now Available
Posted on: 09/25/2018 04:51 PM

by John Young

If I'm not around, it usually means I'm busy doing something useful. In this case, I've been researching and gathering materials for a manual to help our Suicide Prevention Strike Force SPSF). That manual is now complete, and without even needing to log in, just use your TOR browser to go to our member's site. Scroll down, the link is near the bottom.

A few months ago, we gathered the members we needed, and a leader for that group. But despite good intentions, they wanted some guidance -- and so now we have the manual.

The general purpose of the SPSF is to contact pro-European-American activists who have been doxxed, offer contact with kindred spirits to avoid isolation, perhaps provide suggestions for help with more pressing needs and evaluate whether the activists need emergency intervention. And if it is an emergency, bring in kin or professionals.

But how will you know if it is an emergency? That is part of what this manual tells you. It also explains the new paradigms for suicide, what happens in the brains of suicidal people, and the most common mistakes people make when dealing with those who have become suicidal. The manual also discusses risk factors for suicide, some of which are surprising.

Because of the nature and purpose of the manual, rather than bind it and sell it, I've decided to make it a free PDF and release it under the Creative Commons Attribution license. ALL pro-European-American activists are persecuted when discovered, and all are at risk. There are numerous groups, and I didn't want the manual limited to just ours.

So follow the link if you are curious! Meanwhile, in the next couple of weeks this project will be up and running!

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