EAU Members: Email is Coming!
Posted on: 03/28/2018 02:54 AM

by John Young

It has been quite a while since we emailed our members directly; this is just a heads-up so that when you get these emails, you don't get concerned.

Without getting into too many details, a few years ago we had to vacate our computer infrastructure in a hurry. In doing so, we were able to keep our main sites for the organization and news, but we lost our ecommerce capability, our ability to send email alerts, our members-only sites and our contact forms. This loss was exacerbated by the fact our core technical member had to deal with the demands of extended family and personal illness, so he only had the time to maintain our core functionality.

When we vacated our previous infrastructure, though we have never kept our membership database on Internet-connected computers (and never will) we took great pains to make sure everything was erased so nobody would be compromised. We take the safety of our members seriously. Rather than take risks by doing things shoddily, we stopped taking new applications for membership.

In the intervening time, security technology has improved. We have always had misgivings, for example, about having people pay for items or donate using credit cards. We can trust each other, but can we really trust a financial system that most recently decided to unilaterally abridge our Second Amendment rights? But now there are viable alternatives that we'll be discussing in later articles.

Membership in European Americans United is for life, because along with being an organization, we are also in a very important sense, a nation: a group of people with shared history, shared ancestry, shared language and shared destiny who hold common values.

Although it has been a quiet process, for the past several months we have been rebuilding our infrastructure. Although it isn't easy to find, it is now possible to become a new member of EAU. But the biggest part of rebuilding, and our higher priority, is maintaining contact with our members so we can keep them informed of important issues, and let them know where and how to take action.

So watch your email. We will be activating members on a hidden website that will allow us to issue action alerts again, and when your account is activated you will receive email indirectly from that site. The first email will be automatically generated, and the second will be more personalized. The contents of these emails will also give you access to the members-only site that includes a forum, etc. We are still working a few kinks out of that, and adding features and functionality, so your patience is appreciated.

If you are a member and your email address has changed, please contact me (John Young) through the contact form on the organizational website with enough information to verify your membership.

It has been quite a while since we emailed our members directly; this is just a heads-up so that when you get these emails, you don't get concerned.

Also in the works: a new website for our updated home school program and curriculum, and an updated edition of EAU's Guide to Completing Your College Degree. A lot of new options have manifested since the first edition was published ten years ago, and our young people need options for earning legitimate credentials while avoiding the anti-European-American attitudes and discrimination in academia.

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