Did You Know?
Posted on: 05/31/2019 02:23 PM

There has been a lot going on at EAU, and we thought we'd take a moment to fill you in on some things you might not know!

1. We have a TOR onion site, accessible at the Western Voices Store (TOR) link in the left-hand column near the top. At this site, you will find an archive of our past podcasts, our field agent manual, our suicide intervention manual and a private forum. You MUST download and install TOR in order to visit this site. You can also join EAU there if you are not already a member, and access our Monero(XMR) address for making cryptocurrency donations. If you are an EAU member you already have an account on this site -- if you don't know what it is, contact John. (You can do this through the contact form.)

2. European Americans United has a dual existence -- both as an organization and as a stateless nation registered in the Pangea jurisdiction seeking diplomatic recognition. Joining EAU makes you both a member AND a citizen. We believe our members are the submerged natural aristocracy of the European American nation. The organization is run by a board of directors, but the Nation is run as a co-regency. All members (of either sex) are Knights of the Sacred Chain, and those who distinguish themselves through leadership of chapters and projects are granted higher ranks via letters patent from the co-regents. These ranks are not inheritable as each person demonstrates their own merit.

3. Membership/Citizenship has no cost except agreement to adhere to our Statement of Ethics, and is for life.

4. That the national currencies of the parallel economy of the European American nation for transactions between each other are Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency and Silver.

5. That we have our own encrypted chat server running Matrix that you can access using the Riot.im client. To get an account there and connection details, contact John.

6. That we are currently recruiting members for the following special projects:

> Suicide intervention -- contacting publicly doxed pro-European-American people to help keep their bodies and souls together.
> Corporate Responsibility -- a list of companies we should deny our support, and why.
> Education -- this one has the potential to PAY YOU because you will be compiling curricula, interacting with students and grading papers for our online institute that will go live this fall. Some classes are free, but those that aren't will provide the instructors with 2/3rds of the income from their classes.
> Intelligence gathering -- you will report to our National Intelligence Coordinator on matters of interest using information you have legally obtained.

7. Something HUGE will be dropping in early July and we will want all hands on deck to support this epic undertaking by one of our members!

These are just some high spots! We'll try to email a newsletter before the ball drops in July, and include the contact info for the members in charge of these special projects.

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