Clown World / Real World
Posted on: 03/12/2020 12:33 AM

At some point, if ever, the lid has got to blow off this entire rotten culture.

We live in a society where:

-Rapist celebs lecture us on morality.
-Transgenders lecture us on biology.
-Teenagers lecture us on climatology.
-Bartenders lecture us on politics.
-Socialists lecture us on economics.
-Muslims lecture us on tolerance.
-Hate crime laws were designed for Whites only.
-Non-white hate groups lecture us on race.
-Antifa lectures us on diversity.
-Big Tech lectures us on behavior.
-Big business lectures us on immigration.
-Cultural Marxists lecture us on society.
-And baby killers lecture us on human rights.

How much more are you willing to take?

Clown World / Real World

However, a different kind of drama is unfolding in the dark backstage, hidden from view by the heavy curtain, the elaborate stage sets, colored lights and parading actors. Spend several hours watching commercial television with an open mind and you can just tell something has gone very wrong.

The new boss has proven to be the same as the old boss, and the European American people, the new permanent underclass in America, has allowed itself to be so distracted and divided that they have failed to notice the building blocks of tyranny being laid down right under their noses by the architects of the Deep State. The list above is merely the most obvious symptoms of the rot that is being nurtured.

Frankly, it really doesn’t matter what you call the old/new boss—the Deep State, the Controllers, the university and media masterminds, the shadow government, the police state, the surveillance state, the military industrial complex—so long as you understand that no matter who occupies the White House, it is a profit-driven, unelected bureaucracy that is actually calling the shots.

About European Americans United

We are your friends, neighbors and coworkers. We are persons of European ancestry from every walk of life: scientists, mechanics, farmers, lawyers, engineers and full-time parents.

While we come from every class and creed, we are united in our pursuit of European American interests including freedom, genetic continuity, social justice, economic nationalism and environmental protection.

In pursuit of these goals, we seek to educate those of our people who are not aware of important issues facing us, and help to organize effective activism for those of our people who wish to take a hand in positive change.

(NOTE: We don't want your money. We DO want you to acquire a new awareness and to share it widely. --ed)


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