Change, May It Come Quickly
Posted on: 09/08/2014 04:05 AM

Our enemies have convinced many of us to suspend reality for the purpose of crippling our own civilization and genetic continuity. But when the race war comes, we will have to come to terms with who--and what--we really want to be.

by Frank Roman

It would be hard to overestimate the extent to which the US has surrendered to a leftist/neocon world view. It has to end soon though no one is exactly sure how its demise will play out. There is the potential for us to experience, shall we say, a very “unpleasant” epoch ahead in order to get rid of it. Multiple warnings about the leftist / neocon / corporate paradigm can be noted between the lines in print and during a lot of talk radio programs. More than anyone else though it seems white nationalists, European American advocates and their liaisons are the only ones who have the stones to openly call this paradigm what it is: the dispossession of America’s founding people. They point out how transformative social ideologies, such as multiculturalism, miscegenation, political correctness -- and governmental policies like affirmative action, open borders and a graduated income tax -- all funnel down to this one unavoidable fact: the dispossession of America’s founding race.

While the upcoming November elections indicates no real change for the needed groundwork required to sweep away the old order, it is my belief that much more extreme methods may have to be used in order to wipe out systemic corruption; a corruption of lies and brainwashing that lies at the very heart of the neocon / leftist / media driven world view, a corruption that in healthier eras would immediately have been crushed by an ethical body of men.

And truth be told, that is what its eventually going to take.


So let's get real here: With the media and our "education" system categorically on the side of our internal enemies -- be they white enemies or not -- since the end of WWII hardcore political agendas designed to capitalize on collective guilt were disguised as ordinary efforts based on “compassion.” At the same time intellectual blinders were then forced on everyone's eyes -- and needless to say they still are. In other words white Western civilization had to be depicted as inferior and oppressive, inconsequential and relative, in order to build on an environment of "tolerance"-- based on suicide, of course.

Sensible use of the internet will confirm that this truism extends well beyond the US and is strikingly similar elsewhere. Therefore, there is no reason NOT to believe that here in the US (as well as other Western nations) huge increases in immigration and the proliferation of programs centered on closely controlled white guilt over the past 4 or 5 decades -- was then and is now -- a premeditated attempt to encourage a weakened multi racial ‘diverse’ America. The very bellicose and very dead Ted Kennedy led the effort in the 1960’s right on up to its logical conclusion. Of course, most of our people’s suicidal tendencies have been funded by their own tax dollars stolen by the IRS at the point of a gun from our paychecks.

To any of our newer readers of Western Voices World News (AND my sworn enemies who think I’m full of it), who find it hard to believe that European Americans have embraced the liberal-capitalist system's most deadly element, Cultural Marxism, dooming us all to failure, here's a few observations that are as obvious--and have been publicly noted--as tomorrow's sunrise.

Whites are now a minority in California: According to new census data, a several years jump in Hispanic births and Asian immigration has plunged whites into minority status for the first time since 1860, when accurate census data started being recorded.

Whites are now in the minority in nearly one in 10 U.S. counties, if not more. And that increased "diversity," fueled by immigration and higher birth rates among blacks and Hispanics, is causing race relations to further erode, sparking a steadily increasing backlash against immigrants and domestic non-whites over declining resources in many areas.

We are not doing in bed what needs to be done: Whites are steadily becoming a minority among newborn children in the U.S., marking a demographic shift that is detrimentally reshaping the nation's future politics and economy.[i/]

Now I ask you, how are these developments a good thing?

How does the United States benefit from being a majority white homogeneous nation like it was just a few short decades ago (1970 anyone?) to one that resembles a top heavy multicultural Tower of Babel?

How will we as a people benefit as the majority race of European Americans is finally displaced, marginalized, and cowed? Well, if you’re honest you already know the answer: there is no benefit. There is no upshot.

It is a recipe for death.

And really our enemies know that because it's what they want, which is why they’re pushing it on multiple vectors day and night, neocon and lefties alike, 24-7.

If you still can’t wrap your brain around this news consider this: Imagine that the above observations pertained to China. Now imagine the Chinese government boldly and without compunction announced to the world that they will no longer allow other races to immigrate to China, and they do not want their Chinese citizens to interbreed with other races. What's more, visualize the Chinese also announce to the world that they are fed up with listening to Americans and Europeans insult them for eating dogs, cats, and scorpions. Imagine the Chinese declare that they will wear their own style of clothing, and they will retain ALL other aspects of their Chinese culture they want to retain no matter who doesn’t like it. Picture also the Chinese people decide their international trading decisions with the world are based on the impact these trading policies have on their race, their culture and nation.

Aside from the usual media gasbags on MSNBC and religious nutcases like John Hagee and Pat Robertson could anyone in truth blame the Chinese – or anyone else for that matter -- for taking these kinds of steps that facilitate self preservation in the face of corporate and media collectivism?


Common sense tells us the Chinese are better off as a homogeneous nation, taking steps that actually preserve a large slice of global diversity. Common sense will also dictate that nations who do not take these kinds of steps will lose everything. And really, while the Chinese are not perfect, so too are European Americans not perfect. But that doesn’t mean they can and should be replaced with something alien, now doesn't it?

I don’t want to risk redundancy here so let’s cut to the chase. There will be no historical United States without a solid majority of white people just as sure as there would be no China if she adopted the Wests insane diversity policies. The new Afro/Chicano/Asian/pigeon English majority that’s slated for majority status in 2042 and beyond won’t give a single sh!t about extending to our people the same legal protections, racial preferences, and subsidies they are receiving today. Moreover, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of our forefathers will be relegated to outdated screeds of conquest, hence justifying their ISIS style of howling white-hating bitchery.

Thankfully though the lies and deceptions presented to us all about open borders, racial blending, multiculturalism, democracy and materialism is wearing thinner by the day. Eyes are opening and minds are clearing up but we still have a long way to go and time is very short. In other words it's now time for people of all rank and background to choose if they either support their fellow European Americans or support pro-white genocide.

Believe this: When the race war comes, and it will, we will have to come to terms with who--and what--we really want to be.

To those who operate websites and do internet radio shows, to those who march in protest and raise their angry voices on behalf of our people, to those who are quietly educating others one on one, to those who fire off comments on the untold blogs out there, who call into talk radio shows and write letters to the paper, to those who reach out and urge others to defy the monopoly of multiculturalism, we thank you. Moreover, we’d like you to consider studying the platforms of European Americans United and begin addressing these issues in your own communities. All of us, each and every one of us who actually ‘grew a pair’, ARE having a positive impact and no one can tell me any different, but we need to step it up.

So in spite of my rather cynical-sounding message today I want you to know a mass consciousness is forming among our people and you need to become a part of it, if you’re not already. This mass consciousness is emanating from the bottom up because those who are beguiling our people cannot maintain their self-control forever and it’s becoming more evident now what their vile intentions really are. While we still have a ways to go, everything you do on behalf of courage, liberty and our Folk counts more than you will ever know.

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