CBS’ The Good Fight Encourages Real Race War Antics By Promoting Unprovoked Violence
Posted on: 04/14/2019 07:29 PM

The video, featuring fictitious 'Nazis" rioting while wearing red vests, was quickly deleted but uploaded again. CBS is calling for an all out race war -- "punch a Nazi" -- against White people whose ideology may not be inline with the violent left or their ideological pimps.

You need to see this.

On April 12th, 2019 CBS posted up a short clip from The Good Fight‘s April 11th, 2019 episode on the show’s official Twitter account. The clip contained a character from the show, played by Nyambi Nyambi, walking through the street and talking down the idea of violence, but he quickly renounces that viewpoint by bringing up Richard Spencer getting punched in the face, and then he embraces the idea of engaging in unprovoked violence.

On April 13th, 2019 Nick Monroe caught wind of the tweet from the official account, and also managed to re-post the clip for The Good Fight after the official account deleted the tweet a day later, following a deluge of reports that the clip was inciting race-based violence. You can view the original clip below.

CBS’ The Good Fight Encourages Real Race War Antics By Promoting Unprovoked Violence

There was also a re-upload of the video over on YouTube by user Jorn Hansen, which you can view (below) in case the tweet doesn’t work.

If you’re unable to watch the video, Nyambi’s character states…

“Is it all right to hit a Nazi unprovoked?

“I was always taught to never throw the first punch. Never instigate. Defend but don’t attack. But then I saw a video of the white nationalist, Richard Spencer, being punched in the face during an interview and I realized… Spencer was in a pressed suit, wearing a tie, being interviewed like his opinion mattered. Like he should be considered part of the conversation, like Neo-Nazism was just one political point of view.

“And then I realized that there’s no better way to show some speech is not equal. Some speech requires a more visceral response. It’s like Overton’s Window. That’s the term from which ideas are tolerated in public discourse. Well, Overton’s Window doesn’t mean shit unless it comes with some enforcement. So yeah, this is enforcement.

“It’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

Now some people tried to argue that the clip was fictional and that he was obviously inferring to the violence being meted out against other fictional Nazis… right? Well, wrong.

As some have pointed out, the show very readily is willing to break the fourth wall as Nyambi addresses the audience with the real-life event that took place involving Richard Spencer, a figurehead for the Alt-Right, in which he was legitimately punched in the face while giving an interview at a rally. The ad uses that as a catalyst to encourage people to “punch a few Nazis”. It ties into events that unfold in the show involving race war-esque antics surrounding voting.


See source here for more videos and context...

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