Brooklyn NY: Two Cops Ambushed, Killed by Black Muslim Convert Over the Deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner
Posted on: 12/21/2014 06:18 AM

While the dime-a-dozen black dirtbag has already shot himself, his own death does NOT exonerate the "peaceful protestors" who have been calling for the murder of cops for months. They are just as responsible, as is Al Sharpton. Fellow blacks are Tweeting happily about it.

“Al Sharpton got what he wanted.”

So said a guest commentator on CNN minutes ago, after reports that 2 New York City police officers were shot to death — execution-style — as they sat in their squad car, by a man who boasted on his Instagram account about wanting to kill cops in revenge for Eric Garner & Michael Brown.

The New York Post reported:

“It’s an execution,” one law enforcement source said of the 3 p.m. shooting of the two officers, whose names were being withheld pending family notification of their deaths. The tragic heroes were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill when they were shot point-blank in their heads by the lone gunman, who approached them on foot from the sidewalk at the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins avenues in Bed-Stuy.

“I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today,” a person believed to be the gunman wrote on Instagram in a message posted just three hours before the officers were shot through their front passenger window.

UPDATE: Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a 28-year-old black male, posted to the now-deleted Instagram account that he was getting revenge for the death’s of Staten Island man Eric Garner and Missouri teen Michael Brown.

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UPDATE: Man Who Assassinated NYPD Cops a Muslim Convert Who Posted ISIS-Cited Koran Passages Online

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