Bronx Italians Gear Up to Defend Their Neighborhoods From Rioters, Antifa (VIDEO)
Posted on: 06/05/2020 05:26 AM

Don't go there.

As left wing, antifascist protestors cause havoc across the U.S., some residents are defending their neighborhoods from any potential trouble.

One group of residents in an Italian neighborhood, near where some of the worst problems have taken place, don't believe the police will be able to protect them should the rioters decide to wreak havoc there as they have everywhere else.

"We're just trying to protect the residential areas here," said Anthony who is a Throggs Neck resident. "This is our neighborhood and we can't afford to have it burned down or torn apart by people who don't even live here."

The neighbors gathered, some with baseball bats and other weapons, as authorities began to enforce an 8pm curfew, Tuesday June 2nd to Sunday June 7th.

'These radical left wing protestors hijacked George Floyd's death and turned it into riots."

"There is anger on the streets. It is understandable, but those who threaten innocent lives and our properties must be stopped."

Video here. Language.

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