Black Chamber of Commerce CEO: Obama Is Tyrannical & Borderline Communist
Posted on: 03/04/2013 07:31 AM

While it would have extremely valuable to have asked the opinion of the CEO of a 'European American Chamber of Commerce,' we'll certainly take this regardless.

Marx's doctrine was one of Godless individualism and complete equality - the tearing down of barriers and the destroying of distinctions. The main distinction he attacked was that of class. He believed that the working class would rise up against the upper classes and create an egalitarian utopia. In World War I when instead of uniting against what the Marxists viewed as their foes, the bourgeoisie, the working class remained generally loyal to their own nations, they became frustrated. Marx's followers now came to see race and ethnicity as well as class and gender as obstacles to their dream and thus began a campaign since the 1920s and 1930s to destroy these distinctions. This is referred to as Cultural Marxism, the ideology to destroy Christian Western Civilization so that their social and economic Marxism (Communism) can succeed. Feminism, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Homosexual Movement are all products of this Cultural Marxism. It is they who took the meaningless word "racism" and have used it as a weapon to destroy the European peoples.

Blacks in America have had everything handed to them on silver platter for the last 50 years. How many more trillions of dollars will whites have to give them in federal programs before they're no longer "disadvantaged"? How many more decades of affirmation action and discriminating against whites will it take before they're not "disadvantaged"? How many more cities like Detroit and Memphis will we have to let them destroy before they're no longer "disadvantaged"? Haiti is a 100% black country which gained its independence shortly after the United States. It was the richest colony in the entire Caribbean and after the blacks had finished killing every Frenchmen they could find, they inherited all that wealth and infrastructure to do with as they would. No whites around to "disadvantage" them - just they own abilities. I went on a two week missions trip to Haiti in the mid-2000s and it is a complete hellhole - it is as bad as Africa. And it is Africa because it is populated by Africans - it is what the blacks made of it, no lies about being "disadvantaged", just the simple fact that the vast majority of blacks are incapable of Western Civilization. There is not a single example of whites handing over control to blacks and them being able to maintain a European level of civilization; from Haiti to Detroit to Rhodesia. This does not mean that they are not human, but this inequality is a fact we must face and deal with.

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