Armed Leftists Call For “Violent” Strike If Kavanaugh is Confirmed
Posted on: 09/30/2018 08:14 PM

The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is beside the point. These groups hold straight White men and his Western civilization as the central target of their wrath. This point has been confirmed countless times by their actions and their propaganda; and they have many, many friends in high places. Be ready.

Following Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser, leftists on Twitter began discussing the need for a “violent general strike” if he were to be confirmed. This comes just days after a violent antifa group confronted Senator Ted Cruz and his family at a restaurant and then made credible threats against the lives of Senator Cruz, Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump, and others from their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The original Twitter thread (archived here) came from Data Scientist and left-wing activist, Emily Gorcenski.

Armed Leftists Call For “Violent” Strike If Kavanaugh is Confirmed

In this thread, Emily asks her 32K Twitter followers if the confirmation of Kavanaugh would finally be enough for them to organize a “violent general strike”, not just a “general strike” but a violent one. Emily is an outspoken proponent of antifa and their often violent tactics. She claims to be an anarchist but also appears to be at least somewhat sympathetic to authoritarian ideologies like Communism. She also appears to be supportive of the violent antifa group that confronted and threatened Senator Ted Cruz and his family, Smash Racism DC.

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