Are You Intelligent, or Wise? Deciding for Happiness and Survival
Posted on: 07/25/2020 07:42 PM

by Liv Heide

Hedonistic moments mostly remain individual memories fading away bit by bit every day that do not serve any higher collective purpose. At this point, some might say "So what, après moi le deluge (After me, the flood)?"

I remember a classmate who rarely said a thing. I guess most of us considered her to be a bit dull, and nobody wanted to sit next to her as she was everything but cool.

20 years later I found her married with 5 children running a money-making online business and living in a big house next to a beautiful lake.

How did she do that? Everybody "knew" she was not very intelligent. Maybe, but she was smart!

We know the saying: "We are what we eat". We could also correctly say: "We become what we decide". Life is full of opportunities. Every day we take decisions and most of them have an impact on our destiny and life achievements; if only we knew.

Organizing our days, eating well, working out, studying autodidactically or within the controlled education/indoctrination system, working for a monthly paycheck, creating a business, calling someone we like, not calling someone because we are upset, making up with someone, playing tough and closing the door to someone, living with nature or in the city, pursuing dreams such as status symbols, or having children, spending money on travelling, or spending money on a house at a beautiful lake: all these are life decisions we have once made.

If we think strategically when defining our goal, for example that by age 35 we would like to live in the countryside close to nature with good relations to our extended family, surrounded by people of our race we can trust, working from home developing an online or offline business selling homemade products or services, married to a partner who resembles us racially and culturally, counting our beautiful white children playing on the lawn ... then we need to make the right life decisions on time.

If we are 40 plus years old, not married with no kids, but would like to live like described above at the age of 50, we can still achieve it if we make the right decisions. It is never too late to adjust our navigation system. Again, every day offers plenty of opportunities, and we can change our future into becoming a beautiful and meaningful existence at any time. However, please note that deciding for one thing implies deciding against another; one cannot do and be everything.

Having said that, one aim in life could also be to pursue hedonistic goals, choose your sexual partners lightly and replace them frequently, collect moments of pleasure and experiences and spend a big part of our money on fashion, cars, travel instead of investing in a piece of land or a business. I am not a moralist to tell anyone that these are not valid life goals, but as a pragmatist I do not see these goals as eventually manifesting in concrete accomplishments for our financial independence, the continuation of our family lines, and our race by participating in the defense of a Western, prosperous, high trust society that we see being undermined and destroyed from within.

Hedonistic moments mostly remain individual memories fading away bit by bit every day that do not serve any higher collective purpose. At this point, some might say "So what, après moi le deluge (After me, the flood)?"

At a time when millions of the so-called intelligent of us saw ourselves to be disconnected from our folk without purpose nor responsibility, studying for years, working abroad, travelling the world, hopping around at mass music events, and spending money on stuff, the down to earth people such as my former classmate often instinctively made the wiser decisions that not only built them a presentable and enjoyable life but turned out to be heroic in the quest of saving Westernkind by accessorily and often unintentionally supporting our racial survival as the leftover Whites on this planet.

The smart doers of today consciously see the bigger picture and either foster their existing pro-white life and relationships or sign up on a Whites-only dating site such as to participate in local community building and selective white ethno-dating instead of learning afro-dancing, playing video games or even worse, watching you-know-what.

By the way, concerning intelligence or wisdom there is no either or, the best is to combine both. And looking at our member's 'About Me' presentation I am glad and proud to see that white men and women are increasingly becoming racially aware which leads them to making prowhite life decisions. It does not mean that we have won the fight, but it looks like an encouraging start.

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