April Jobs Show Record Immigrant Displacement Of American Workers
Posted on: 05/08/2019 05:40 AM

All those new jobs numbers we keep hearing about? Surprise surprise!

Guess who's getting them?

Funny thing, media commentary on employment almost never includes the immigration dimension—even now, when Democrats are desperate to downplay the strength of this cyclical recovery. Result: there’s absolutely no public awareness (except by VDARE.com readers) that continued immigrant displacement of American workers is emerging as one of President Trump’s worst policy failures.

Every month the Labor Department released two employment surveys: the Household Survey queries families directly, while the more widely cited Payroll Survey queries businesses. Total employment per the Household Survey is about 5 million more than found in the Payroll Survey, a gap that puzzles economists although we’ve long ago pointed out that it reflects employees, especially illegal immigrants, working “off the books.” Rarely has the divergence between the two surveys been as stark as it was in April, released on May 3. Essentially, immigrants (legal and illegal) captured ALL the new jobs.

April Jobs Show Record Immigrant Displacement Of American Workers

Employers added 263,000 jobs last month, blowing past the 190,000 Payroll Survey gain analysts had expected. The unemployment rate was 3.6%, the lowest in half a century. Payrolls have now risen for 104 months in a row.

But, bizarrely, the Household Survey, which reports the nativity of workers, found a net job decline—of 103,000 in April. Our analysis indicates that native-born American workers suffered a job loss of more than half a million positions, while immigrants gained almost that much.

In April:


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