Accelerationism Is the Wrong Approach
Posted on: 03/25/2019 07:06 PM

by John Young

If you look at the leftist activists going all the way back -- they have always been bankrolled.

By now, you have likely read the manifesto of the man who shot up the Muslim temples in New Zealand. Though his rather extensive travel history makes me suspicious of his true background and motives, if one takes what he wrote at face value, he was attempting something called "accelerationism." He believed that by murdering a bunch of people with an AR-15 he would create a move toward civilian disarmament in the United States that would force a confrontation. Instead, he got a bunch of laws disarming New Zealanders and their prime minister wearing Islamic head dress, along with further Internet censorship.

Although I have yet to finish the series, my first two articles in the series on The Moral High Ground(here and here) explain how and why such actions advance the agenda of the Apostles of Epic Evil while failing to advance Our Cause. Evidently, he wasn't a reader of Western Voices World News.

Nobody pays me to paint rosy pictures so let me lay this right out for you.

This isn't 1776. A big difference between the American Revolution and today ... is that there was relative parity of force in terms of penetration of intelligence, the fact the colonies had France on their side, the munitions were substantially similar, etc. Today we deal with a unidirectional surveillance state, an insane disparity of force that is orders of magnitude, and no allied governments. If you think you are going to directly take on the most powerful military force the world has ever known, complete with drones and missiles, with your AR-15 and some MREs, you've been watching too many bad movies.

Maybe you think that in such a confrontation, the cops would be on our side. Maybe a handful would be on our side, but consider that practically every day cops enforce policies and procedures they KNOW in their heart of hearts to be wrong and unjust, but they keep their mouths shut and go along. The infamous Combat Arms survey in the mid 1990's showed that a disturbing number of our Marines would be willing to open fire on American civilians in order to disarm them, and I assure you that the proportion is even greater today. No doubt many veterans would be on our side, but not active duty. At least, not as many as you'd think, especially since Obama deliberately purged such people during his administration. (Life Hack: if you are draftable age and a draft looks likely, go get an Othala rune tattoo and they won't accept you in the military.)

The acceleration after the election of Donald Trump certainly exposed the Left, but it also proceeded completely without opposition. They engaged in "restraint of trade" by shutting down people's ability to accept credit cards, shut down service to gun stores, doxed people out of jobs and literally hounded them to suicide. They engaged in a breathtaking purge of social media that clearly opposes the spirit and intent under which this country was founded ... and nobody involved in any of this, up to and including violent attacks, has suffered for it. Across the Atlantic, the Brits are literally throwing people in prison for posting edgy memes.

Acceleration works for the left and globalists because they ALREADY hold the institutions of power. In a collapse scenario, they already have practice at mobilizing thousands of people at a moment's notice, control over the largest police forces, control over the nationwide security and surveillance apparatus, control over the banking systems and commerce, etc.

Think of it this way: If you are a 96 pound weakling, "accelerating" against an MMA Welterweight champion is suicide because that champion is dramatically more powerful than you. What you NEED and must approach with urgency, is to build your strength and skills. What you need is TIME to accomplish that.

We at EAU have addressed these matters for a long time. They aren't sexy and they don't play into Rambo fantasies, but they are what people need to hear.

Full frontal assault, at best, has failed for the past 70 years. At worst, it has rebounded. And that includes relatively benign assaults such as revealing to normies the nature of media control and the like. Again, to understand this, read the articles I referenced above, and also understand that you speak differently to the Inner Party, as opposed to the Outer Party.

Our tactics need to employ INDIRECT approaches. Think, again, about the Apostles of Epic Evil. While many, today, are now comfortable directly attacking European Americans, for the first several decades of their assault they employed appeals to fairness and equity, or spoke in the language of advancing mutual interests while deploying policies that advanced others at our expense. If we can't be at least as smart as our enemies, we won't win. Being indirect is not "cucking." Winning is what matters here.

I also want you to think about something. If you look at the leftist activists going all the way back -- they have always been bankrolled. They never had to fear that by opposing tradition and heritage they would end up jobless and homeless, or bereft of their family. Before they ever took to the streets there was already a complete infrastructure in place to support them. It is no mistake that literal terrorists with the Weather Underground -- responsible for dozens of bombings -- wound up with good paying jobs at universities.

So what we need is the opposite of acceleration. We need TIME. It's not romantic. It's not viscerally satisfying. But the reality is we NEED TO CREATE INSTITUTIONS that parallel those controlled by our opponents. We cannot infiltrate and subvert them back to our cause -- we have neither the time nor the inclination to do this. Instead, we must use our own strength: creation. And we need to use our time wisely, because we are sitting on a demographic tectonic plate shifting below us. THIS is why you vote for Trump instead of Hillary: because even though Trump is not "our guy," he buys us more time than Hillary.

We need a parallel monetary system, parallel academic systems, parallel electronic commerce, parallel dark net websites and parallel everything that we can build including food supplies. We need to use whatever time we can buy in order to advance our individual competence and put ourselves in positions of being indispensable to the managerial elite. And the parallel institutions and infrastructure we build must convey a benefit to normal people.

Newsflash: if you are reading this, you are part of a 2% that will never be larger than that. Most likely, you are part of our submerged natural aristocracy. Psychological projection isn't just something stupid people do. Smart people do it when they assume that the issues that they see, the matters they find important, will sway normal people: "if only they can just understand." No. Most people are driven by neither ideology nor caring what happens to their great-grandkids. They are driven by tangible personal benefit -- preferably today. Learn from watching the Libertarians flounder and fail repeatedly. So we must build parallel systems wherein people benefit from participation, and upon which they can rely for support. And these institutions need to embody a culture within which it is NORMAL and acceptable to, for example, oppose degeneracy. And people who benefit from those institutions will defend them. A lot of the leftist activism you see today is little more than people defending their current sources of income or other personal benefit.

The Apostles of Epic Evil did not take us overnight. They took control over a period of decades. I will admit that we do not have decades to oppose them. But I also know that acceleration has never worked in our favor, so we must commit ourselves to diligent building of alternatives from which people will benefit because it is only once such alternatives exist that we can assert ourselves with a reasonable prospect of success.

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