A Broader View of the Hebraic Interrogative
Posted on: 06/30/2019 05:20 PM

by John Young

Let me paraphrase a famous Jew: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.

A few days ago, I was having a conversation regarding the relationship between European-Americans and Jewish-Americans with my friend and fellow BOD member Frank Roman, and he suggested that I should write an article about the topic. Given recent events, his advice is timely.

I don’t like to address this particular subject because it is a sufficiently nuanced issue that, as another friend of mine describes, it shouldn’t be discussed by people lacking wisdom. So let me start by describing what happens – and what doesn’t happen – when people of insufficient insight get “red-pilled” on “the Jewish Question.”

Buford O’Neill Jr. is in prison for the rest of his life after murdering a postal employee and opening fire in a Jewish daycare center, wounding five, who all recovered. His actions gave impetus to the Million Mom March, a national movement for gun control.

Robert Bowers murdered 11 people, predominantly over age 65, in a Pittsburgh Synagogue. He has been charged with dozens of federal felonies and will likely receive the death penalty. In response to his actions, the social network he favored was temporarily shut down.

John Earnest sprayed bullets in a Poway, CA synagogue until his gun jammed, killing one and injuring four. Odds are, he will be executed as well. The Trump administration has taken notice and appointed an anti-semitism czar, elevating the level of government attention that will be paid to the issue. In the wake of this attack, it is now illegal for teachers in Florida to discuss anything in relation to Jews in anything but the most laudatory terms.

What did NOT happen … is even the slightest diminution of the power and influence of hateful Anti-American organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League or the Southern Poverty Law Center. What did NOT happen is a a reduction of funding or activity of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, currently assisting unprecedented levels of illegal immigration into the United States. What did NOT happen is a reduction of Israeli influence in our Congress or on our President. In fact, ALL of these things GREW.

One of these days, I will finish the third part of the series, but even without the finish, the first two parts are really required reading because I explain the precise mechanisms whereby perfectly healthy, moral and reasonable advocacy on behalf of European Americans becomes so delegitimized that we often have to hide our views even from our own families. Please refer to The Moral High Ground, Part I and Part II.

Anyone with the slightest understanding of this mechanism also understands at a purely practical level that murdering innocent old folks in a house of worship or attempting to murder innocent children in a daycare center plays completely into the hands of those who wish us harm, and hurts our cause rather than advancing it. But also, at a moral level, ambushing and murdering unarmed innocent people – children and grandparents mostly – is viscerally disgusting to any person who isn’t a psychopath.

Because the Jewish Question is something that an unwise person will misapprehend and too often react in destructive ways, it is something that I barely, if ever, mention. I think it has been over a decade since the last time I addressed the issue directly. This, of course, creates some issues within the broader movement. Quite a few see the Jewish Question as a central issue which must be “addressed,” and that any approach that does not make a “solution” its central tenet is automatically “cucked” or “subverted” or ineffective.

But let me point something out to you. There have been pro-White organizations and explicitly neo-Nazi organizations that made Jews their central issue in this country since before many of our grandparents were born. Have they made ANY discernible progress in saving our people from planned extinction? Have they in any way changed the structure of media ownership? Have they made any progress on the Federal Reserve System? The answer is that just like the establishment “conservatives” they have failed. Let me paraphrase a famous Jew: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result. The facts of history do not lie; approaches modeled on German National Socialism or the way Hollywood has portrayed it have failed: Every. Single. Time.

That is why European Americans United was founded: to undertake a DIFFERENT approach. Rather than looking to the concentration camps of World War II or Hollywood portrayals of Nazis for inspiration, we have instead looked to people who have had greater success: the European New Right, the Distributists and, of course, America’s founding fathers among others. Taking an archeofuturistic stance and realizing we cannot turn back the clock, we look instead at approaches that can achieve the purposes of our ancient traditions in the modern world.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let’s dive in.

It is beyond question that Jews, at 2% of our population, are vastly over-represented among the most influential people in the country. At 2% of our population, they constitute 5/6ths of media ownership, 40% of those in the top 1% of income, 50% of all donations to the Democrat party and 25% of all donations to the Republican party. Since their founding, most (though not all) chairs of the Federal Reserve, the World Bank and so forth have been Jewish as well.

Only a blind person wouldn’t notice that every American president gets his picture taken wearing a yarmulke while touching the Wailing Wall in Israel, or the annual pilgrimage prominent politicians make to the AIPAC conference, where each announces his fealty to (specifically in these words), “Israel as a Jewish state.” This is a simple fact of reality. Although some would label merely noticing this to be “anti-Semitic,” there are numerous Jewish sources that point these things out as well.

But really, in any society, it is inevitable that some people will have more influence than others. In some eras, it has been clergy while in others it has been aristocracy. In America, since we were founded as a result of mercantilism, influence has largely been based on wealth. The specifics of who wields that influence only become worthy of investigation if that influence clearly and consistently works to the detriment of the people as a whole. Otherwise, as long as people are truly prospering mentally, physically and spiritually, nobody would care if it were aliens with six eyes really running things behind the scenes.

And also, because America has an aristocracy based on wealth (no matter its source), we must be honest and realize that even though Jews are disproportionately influential, they are not monolithically so. Plenty of European-Americans exercise influence and walk the halls of power in this country, and all of the destruction that has occurred here, has occurred with their blessing. That’s a tough pill to swallow, because we want to blame some other convenient group for our problems, but we can’t solve problems if we aren’t as honest as possible about their causes.

Even though there do exist certain subsets of Jews working to advance agendas contrary to our interests, these could not have been advanced without the active and knowing cooperation of the most powerful White people.

Even today, most Social Justice Warriors are White. The teachers indoctrinating your kids to hate themselves are mostly White. The boss at work who will fire you for a racially insensitive comment on Twitter is most likely White. The members of the Chambers of Commerce who work non-stop for open borders are overwhelmingly White. Though some of these White people are "undermen" as described later, the majority of these are people like you and I, who have not (yet) shaken the indoctrination via Jews from the Frankfurt School, Boasian anthropology and their intellectual descendants into self-hatred, extreme forms of individualism and anti-natalism. Furthermore, a system has been erected under these auspices in which a White person can be rewarded individually for actions that are destructive to his people as a whole, along with a whole rubric of pre-packaged lies one can repeat to ease one's conscience. Once people start along this path, it can be very difficult to correct because such correction requires a reconsideration of past deeds that can be unflattering.

There are three major aspects of this. The first has been our burden since the age of mercantilism and was only exacerbated by the industrial revolution: the desire for cheap labor. Whether it was slaves or indentured servants during our founding phase, or Chinese imported as effectively slaves to build the railroads, cheap labor has always been a major driving force favoring immigration and destroying our social cohesion.

Cheap labor has always been a net long-term detriment to society as a whole. That is because cheap labor tends to provide an immediate benefit to the person employing the cheap labor while forcing society at large to bear the negative externalities associated with it. Cheap labor is a tax on society at large that transfers wealth from future generations to the sole benefit of those who employ cheap labor. And those negative externalities can be quite devastating, as the legacy of slavery can tell you. The people who employed slaves are all dead and gone, but society is still grappling with its consequences. And this same thing applies to illegal aliens from Mexico having anchor babies and requiring taxpayer subsidies. The employer reaps the profits while the rest of us subsidize his workers. And tomorrow our country will be just a little more like Mexico.

The second is the evil of envy. Equality exists nowhere in nature, and it most certainly does not exist between groups, or among members of groups. Though there is the omnipresent envy of wealth, there are more insidious forms of envy. People who were raised in broken homes envy those raised in intact families. People who are barely bright enough to graduate college envy those who can pass calculus on the first try. People who cannot restrain themselves from evil will actively hate those who dedicate themselves to good works. There exists within every race … an underman … an underman who hates the good simply for being good. Outside of the aristocracy of wealth, we have a true native aristocracy of people with strong intellect and sound character – and such people are hated by the undermen.

You see this very clearly in black neighborhoods, where a kid who dedicates himself heart and soul to becoming an engineer has to weather attempts by not merely his peers but also parents and teachers to drag him back down. He is accused of “acting white” merely for turning in his homework assignments on time and aspiring to his best. But this exact same mindset exists within our own Folk as well. And these undermen – who remain undermen and can feel it, no matter their credentials or positions – will ally themselves with any movement aimed at destroying whatever is true, beautiful and good. And this is a problem because undermen excel at getting themselves into positions of power which our natural aristocrats seldom seek.

The third is the chumminess of wealth. In association with this, let me first disabuse you of the notion that there is much relationship between hard work and ingenuity and wealth. Most of the wealth in this country doesn’t go to authors, inventors, scientists and engineers – although they tend to earn above-average wages. Rather, wealth in this country concentrates in firms that do little more than move paper around and never added a dime of value to the economy. When big brokerage firms were getting bailed out in 2008, they were simultaneously issuing $billions in bonuses.

Since wealth has long since lost any relationship to personal productivity or good character, and has become its own independent attribute, what happens is that the most wealthy within European societies see themselves as having more of a common interest with the wealthy of other societies than with the people from whom they arose. Thus they develop a globalized class interest that is superior to any ethnic interest and, in fact, is actively hostile to it.

Where matters go awry here is that while wealthy White people replace any ethnic ties with international-global ties that use wealth as the common bond, Jews tend to maintain their own ethnic interests when they are wealthy – thus giving back to their communities, promoting the well-being of their communities and so forth. Rather than being sinister, this is laudable in and of itself and something that should be emulated rather than condemned. (Just as we should emulate rather than condemn Israel’s immigration system.)

Unfortunately, just as the most wealthy Whites are fine with exploiting and manipulating their co-ethnics, the same occurs with some Jews. And this is at the heart of the problem. Time and again throughout history some relatively small subset of Jews has engaged in some sort of chicanery, loudly attributed their behavior to their Jewishness, then skipped town to avoid individual consequences while their co-ethnics took the slings and arrows of the angry mobs. Though Jewish nepotism networks are legendary – for example the Rothschild banking dynasty and the global diamond trade – some Jews are not above misusing that trust, as Bernie Madoff illustrated by ripping off fellow Jews for untold millions in a gigantic Ponzi scheme.

A key example of this occurred during Wiemar Germany when such prominent Jewish influencers as the Frankfurt School, Wilhelm Reich, Kurt Eisner’s disciples and others waged open war on German civil society in order to establish a Soviet system. The fact that the USSR had murdered tens of millions of people was well-known in Germany at the time. The tiny subset of Jews most directly responsible for the travesty of German social degeneration fled Germany almost immediately upon Hitler’s rise to power, leaving their unwitting brethren behind to be rounded up in cattle cars and shipped off to labor camps that many would never leave.

Which brings us to the Holocaust.

Though I seldom cite science fiction, there is a statement in Frank Herbert’s “Dune” that encapsulates a great deal: “Fear is the mind-killer.” Other than in contact sports, I have never struck another person, except out of fear. I have never hated or detested someone so much that it led me to harm them. But a couple of times in my life I have sent people to the hospital, and when I did, it is because I feared them. Fear can, of course, cause hatred. We hate what we fear. But except in the sociopathic, all violence, at its root, comes from fear.

Fear is an emotion, not a fact. But once fear has been induced, it cancels all reason and justifies ANYTHING.

In a court of law when a man claims self-defense, he need only show that he had fear and a credible reason for it. He need not show that he was actually harmed, only that he had a credible fear that he might be harmed. Thus in a court of law, fear must have some reasonable justification. But outside of a court – which is where all the big social stuff is taking place – people will act on the basis of fear that has been induced in them, whether there is a reasonable basis for it or not.

There is certainly debate, especially on the far right, about the details of the Holocaust, how many died, and the manner of their deaths. I am not going to engage that debate here, because as I stated in the articles cited earlier, people act on the basis of what they believe. And the reality is that in America today more Jews relate to the Holocaust as being a defining experience of their Jewishness than to Judaism or anything else. And the fact that they believe it to represent a mass of white people rising up to endorse and carry out mass murder for no reason is all that matters for our present discussion.

Recently, David Cole – a Jewish man living in Beverly Hills – wrote an excellent article entitled ”A Bleak Future for Jews,” that is a must-read. In this article, and another he references, David Cole spells out clearly what has happened with Jews in the West, and two ways it will predictably backfire. In essence, in response to the Holocaust, Jews in the West have reacted by trying to make the West less White, in an effort to prevent Holocaust Part II.

It all starts with the Holocaust having been used cynically as a tool to inspire fear in Jews against White people who never intended them harm. White people in America literally fought and died to save them. We were no threat. Yet if you listen to prominent Jewish immigration advocacy, preventing a second Holocaust is nearly always cited as at least one justification. (Though that is not their real reason. They don’t share their real reasons with the Jews they shamelessly manipulate through fear.)

So of course, now people are noticing the very disproportionate role being played by Jews and explicitly Jewish organizations in an immigration wave clearly intended to accomplish the outright demographic extinction of White people. As a result, two things are happening.

The first and most obvious, as illustrated by some Muslims recently elected from Michigan and Minnesota, is that Jewish advocacy has managed to put some seriously anti-Semitic people into positions of power. And when it comes to the “coalition of the ascendant” – the vast brown hordes being brought in to replace us – Jews aren’t special at all. In fact, to the new immigrants, Jews are just richer-than-average White Oppressors(tm) who need to be displaced like the rest of us. Stephen Steinlight of the American Jewish Committee foresaw this problem a couple of decades ago, wrote about it convincingly, and his warning was ignored.

The second thing is a wave of very real, as opposed to manufactured, anti-Jewish sentiment that is caused by the role of a handful of Jews in spearheading unlimited immigration, gun control and censorship. Censorship is a pure desperation move. Rather than correcting the unethical behavior that people like Steinlight and Cole warned them about – they seek to make it impossible to criticize, which will make matters even worse. Using censorship to shut down the feedback loop for moderating behavior is a horrible idea.

The sad thing … is this is 100% preventable.

Let me explain this again more succinctly for our Jewish readers. If your next door neighbor has good will toward you, and you start treating him as an enemy because you were told to fear him, eventually he will become an enemy. If you are thoroughly brainwashed, you will assume he was an enemy all along and that your brainwashing was correct. But if you back away three steps and look at it objectively, you will see that you made him an enemy by treating him like one. You may also see that YOU will never benefit from this – only connected fat cats will. With a bit of historical perspective, you may even realize that the people who lied to you will be nowhere in sight when the neighbor you mistreated arrives at your doorstep. You have been manipulated and USED. Maybe you don’t want to accept this from me, but the two Jewish men I just cited will tell you the same thing.

Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s exhaustively documented trilogy on the evolutionary psychology of Judaism is widely read within the broader pro-White community. I have all three books, and found them indispensable. Likewise, Dr. David Duke’s thoroughly documented “Jewish Supremacism” is a mainstay.

People have a tendency to look through sources in order to find aspects that support what they already believe, or what they want to find. But if you truly sit down and read those books, you will find that both authors have nothing bad to say about the vast majority of Jews. Instead, what they describe is a situation where Jews are by and large indoctrinated and manipulated – just like we are – by a relatively small group of the most extreme.

The fact that Jews drink (mostly) the same poison that is fed to our own people can be verified by the ridiculous rates of intermarriage with non-Jews. Right now, only 50% of Jews aged 25-54 are married, and of those, a whopping 60% are married to non-Jews. That’s a level of intermarriage and non-marriage that clearly demonstrates that Jews get a heaping helping of feminist and cultural Marxist poisoning just like everyone else, and that their intermarriage rates will lead to their practical extinction through assimilation in America in just a couple of generations.

A careful reading of MacDonald’s books describes that anti-Semitism serves a vital purpose for Jews. Specifically, anti-Semitism serves to allow the broad masses of Jews to be manipulated via fear by a handful of people, while also preventing the levels of trust and social engagement that are a prerequisite for intermarriage. In other words, the only reason Jews still exist at all in the West today is because of anti-Semitism. Read this paragraph twice.

Although the Anti-Defamation League and SPLC have their own agendas, it cannot be forgotten that even though these people are proven liars immersed in bad-will, they are not stupid. In 2017, more than half of all anti-Semitic incidents in the United States were committed remotely by one troubled Jewish kid in Israel. The ADL reported these, naturally, as true anti-Semitism without noting their source. Why? Because the more anti-Semitism they can find, the more money they will make. But, also, the greater fear they can inspire in average Jews, thus inspiring distrust and preventing assimilation while also leveraging them as a political force.

But take it a step further. The ADL is so over-the-top that many individual Jews even hold them in contempt, and there are even smaller Jewish organizations (such as Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, JPFO) that name them and oppose them. The ADL makes quite a habit of attacking pretty much everything that is a traditional American value – the First and Second Amendments, the right of kids not to be sexualized, etc. – while loudly proclaiming their Jewishness. In effect, they are doing everything they can to create anti-Semitism while pointing at their unsuspecting brethren as their justification, then milking their scared brethren for cash to protect them.

You can also see this in the legislation put forward in a number of states ostensibly to combat the BDS Movement. (The BDS Movement is a movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel over issues pertaining to relations with Palestinians.)

Although the BDS Movement is primarily concentrated in academia through the American Studies Association, several states have passed laws forcing people to sign pledges to support Israel in order to do any business with the state at all. This has applied not just to contractors, but in some cases even to private citizens getting aid to rebuild after hurricanes, and as a condition of employment for public school teachers. In other words, this legislation is taking ordinary people who have never given a single thought to Jews, and forcing them to pledge allegiance to a foreign country when they usually don’t even have to pledge allegiance to their own.

I can think of nothing better calculated to raise awareness of a “Jewish Question’ in the minds of untold millions of people who never even considered it before. Because, after all, for a tiny group of people to have so much power that they could force citizens of another country to proclaim loyalty to their own … they must be very powerful indeed.

Who benefits from this? It’s not like a guy rebuilding his home after a hurricane in Texas would be boycotting lumber from Israel, or a kindergarten teacher ever thought about it. But NOW they are thinking about it, and likely in an unfavorable way. Again, this distinguishes Jews as different and apart. It diminishes trust, creates anti-Semitism, fills the coffers of anti-White organizations, enhances funding for non-White immigration and prevents assimilation.

Hopefully, you are starting to see the pattern here.

Fear inspired by turning the Holocaust into a defining aspect of Jewishness is continually reinforced by both real and faked incidents of anti-Semitism. Fear is the mind killer, and those manipulated thereby get turned into an army of brighter-than-average and wealthier-than-average Jews dedicated to turning America non-White in order to stop a second Holocaust that was never going to happen. (And don’t forget most of their organizations are staffed by White undermen.)

But this behavior generates actual anti-Jewish backlash, which then inspires more fear and makes the prior actions seem justified, so there is a doubling down. Because of the central aspect of the Holocaust in modern Jewish experience, even the slightest sentiment that is less than laudatory is seen as a prelude to a second Holocaust. In other words, anti-Jewish backlash, especially such that entails actual violence or a credible threat of it, actually makes matters worse.

I have seen the writings of people who murdered kids and the elderly in the hopes it would somehow spark a war against Jews rather than the normal human revulsion we’d expect to see for such crimes. They have failed. And they will continue to do so. All they will do is hurt our movement and our people. Go back, again, and read my articles on The Moral High Ground. Read MacDonald’s work carefully rather than cherry-picking. All three books.

So how can we deal with a problem that is only made worse by addressing it?

If you pay close attention, you’ll realize that EAU has not abandoned the old approaches because we are “cucks,” or “subverted,” “cowardly,” “uninformed” or “ineffective.” We have abandoned the old approaches because they have failed both utterly and repeatedly. Instead, we have adopted new approaches aimed at building a parallel society and infrastructure to help people disengage from supporting the structures that are at war with us – a war we never wanted. But since it is upon us, however unwillingly, we intend to win.

We cannot, however, win via full frontal assaults on structures far more powerful than ourselves, or by telegraphing our punches. We cannot win by denying the role our own wealthy and undermen play in this charade, and holding them accountable. And we cannot win by inspiring greater levels of anti-Semitism among young men with poor prospects or insufficient wisdom. We must instead use different tactics, informed by wiser strategy. Instead of using the Beer Hall Putsch as a template, we need to understand and apply the principles of fourth generation warfare and Hart’s Strategy of Indirect Approach to our advantage.

Let me refer you to Three Pillars of the Offensive as a starting point for your introduction to different and better tactics.

If you continue to think what you’ve always thought, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got. It’s time to join a smarter, fresher, more uplifting vision for our future.

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