‘It’s Okay To Be White’ Flyers Expose Anti-White Agenda
Posted on: 10/23/2019 05:17 AM

The following article was written in 2017. As of now, in 2019, the situation for European Americans has become progressively worse and there's no turning back. In the short term, unless and until European Americans as a whole rise up and scare the living hell out of the media, the universities, the churches, schools and above all the political elite, nothing will change.

In other words, 'Its OK to Be Angry'

In November 2017, the intense anti-white agenda in America was exposed, thanks to a campaign by 4chan Internet trolls who took their memes into real life.

But first, a little background.

In October 2017, news articles appeared about “white supremacy signs” posted on the campus of Boston College. The signs portrayed the iconic image of Uncle Sam pointing his finger with the words “I want you to love who you are. Don’t apologize for being white.” Someone at Boston College, in an apparent fit of histrionics, called the police about the flyers, then they issued a statement in opposition to the message. One post from the college called them “offensive materials” and said, “We stand united in opposition to their actions and denounce all forms of hatred.” Some students said that wasn’t enough. “I just think the administration at Boston College hasn’t been doing as much as they can to support black people,” said student Gianna Mitchell.

‘It’s Okay To Be White’ Flyers Expose Anti-White Agenda

The same afternoon, students held a Black Lives Matter march through campus. No one called it racist and no one called the police about its signs. And when cleaning staff inadvertently removed flyers in support of Black Lives Matter, because they didn’t have the college stamp of approval (most universities require all signs to be approved before hanging), there was outrage and the staff was told to leave the flyers alone.

The double-standard was obvious. Flyers with a pro-white message are taken down and elicit the cops being called. Flyers with a pro-black message are given special privileges and don’t have to follow the rules.

But there was one problem with the “Don’t apologize for being white” flyers that allowed the “white supremacy” charges to sound legitimate: They included the logo of American Renaissance, a self-described “race-realist” website. Its founder, Yale-educated Jared Taylor, advocates for an eventual separate country for peoples of European descent, a position that, while similar to what America’s Founding Fathers professed, is now labeled as “white supremacist.” To the mainstream media, white nationalism equals white supremacy, even if those advocating it deny that whites are superior. (Meanwhile black nationalists, Hispanic nationalists, and countries like Japan and Israel are given a pass by the media and society.)

Due to the virtue signalling outrage over Boston College, the anonymous posters on 4chan’s /pol/, the “politically incorrect” section of the popular image board, got the idea to make flyers that were as innocuous as possible: a simple white background with the words “It’s okay to be white.” There would be no images and no website addresses that Leftists could claim were white supremacist.

If the Left and the media, and even mainstream conservatives, reacted the way they expected, it would reveal to the world that whites were indeed under attack, because even saying it’s “okay” to be white had become taboo.

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