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    Action Alerts

    Black Flash Mobs Beware
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2011-09-26 22:00:08 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    People are on to you, and they're angry. Stop 'mobbin up' or face the consequences.


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    News Source: Email

    High Profile Leftist Condones Violence for Leftist Causes
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2011-01-11 17:55:57 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    Email Frances Scott Piven: fpiven@hotmail.com


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    News Source: Email

    Action Alert: Have Your Say With a BADASS
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2010-12-19 21:39:33 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    Movie-junkie / lifestyle outfit BADASS see nothing wrong with Thor character Heimdall portrayed as black. And they think you're an idiot if you do. Drop 'em a line here.

    When it was announced that Idris Elba was cast as Heimdall in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, there was a certain segment of the online population that went nuts. See, Heimdall – a relatively minor character in the Thor comics – had been traditionally portrayed as white, as had all the gods of Asgard. Even small changes like costume differences or hair color can send comic book fans spiraling into a rage, so the change of race made some people apparently shit their pants.

    Turns out they’re not alone. The Council of Conservative Citizens, classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is riled up as well. They’re either linking to or running a website called Boycott Thor, whose mission statement is as follows:

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    News Source: badass

    Action Alert: Here We Go Again, DREAM Act / Amnesty Vote on Saturday
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2010-12-16 23:33:41 [ Print / Instant Flyer |

    Pound the Senate (LINK) with calls faxes and emails now. No to DREAM Act

    On the Senate floor just now (Thursday PM), Majority Leader Harry Reid announced the Senate will begin to vote as soon as Saturday on a bill to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. That puts it ahead of the START treaty, as proponents of repeal had requested.

    "We've got to move this all along," Reid said from the floor.

    Reid will also file for cloture on the DREAM Act. That means both bills should come up for a procedural vote on Saturday. The vote on the DREAM Act will come first, followed by the vote on DADT.

    Democrats expect the cloture vote on the DREAM Act to fail. Next will come a cloture vote on DADT. "If DREAM gets 60 to end debate then we would have final passage Sunday," a Reid aide told TPM. "If DREAM fails, but DADT gets 60 then it's the same case -- final vote Sunday."

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    News Source: Email

    Action Alert: Urge Boycott of 'Thor' Movie
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2010-12-15 14:02:51 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    It well known that Marvel is a company that advocates for left-wing ideologies and causes. Idris Elba (right) goes through his paces as a Norse deity.

    Marvel front man Stan "Lee" Lieber boasts of being a major financier of left-wing political candidates. Marvel has viciously attacked the TEA Party movement, conservatives, and European heritage. Now they have taken it one further, casting a black man as a Norse deity in their new movie Thor. Marvel has now inserted social engineering into European mythology.

    In 1966 Marvel began a superhero known as “Black Panther.” He appeared in various comic books and graphic novels. Today Marvel co-produces an animated version of Black Panther on the Black Entertainment Channel.

    The Black Panther character is explicit pro-black and the comics are viciously anti-white.

    Black Panther is T’Challa, the king of a secret African nation known as Wakanda. The inhabitants of this nation keep their lands hidden from the white man so it is not “exploited” for it’s mineral wealth. T’Challa’s father is murdered by a white man who becomes Black Panther’s main enemy.

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    News Source: Email

    Save Net Neutrality!
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2010-12-15 08:53:39 [ Print / Instant Flyer |

    by John Young

    For those who might not be aware of the issue, Net Neutrality has been in effect among providers since the dawn of the Internet. What it specifies is that all traffic, without regard to point of origin or destination or its content will be given the same priority over other carrier networks.

    The Internet has been a tremendous equalizer, giving small fry the same access to a person's eyes as a giant media conglomerate. It has allowed smaller political campaigns to grow in size and support. It has allowed alternative news sites with every imaginable bent to thrive. But a key element that makes this possible is Net Neutrality.

    Without Net Neutrality, major carriers and ISPs can make websites unbearably slow unless the owners of those sites give them a fee. The days of the Internet being an equalizer where one's voice is judged by its quality rather than its size will be OVER.

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    News Source: Email

    House Rules Committee Will Not Meet Thursday; DREAM Vote on Friday NOT Unlike
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2010-12-02 19:26:46 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    Pressure works. Keep it up.

    After first learning that the House Rules Committee might meet today to set the rules for debate of the DREAM Act, we have now learned they will NOT meet. This means a vote on the DREAM Act for Friday is highly unlikely. Keep the pressure on your House Rep and and urge him/her to oppose the DREAM Amnesty. Capitol Hill switchboard: 202-224-3121. And, check your Action Board for more actions you can take.

    Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Jeff Sessions spoke out this morning about the possibility of the DREAM Act Amnesty coming to the floor of the Senate. In his statement, Sen. Sessions said passing a mass amnesty bill is not what the American people had in mind when they elected candidates who support tougher immigration enforcement.(Emphasis ours)

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    News Source: numbersUSA

    Action Alert: Lexus Pimps Race Mixing For Christmas, Not Cars
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2010-12-02 14:50:51 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    Call Lexus: 1-800-255-3987 then press 3


    Read more

    News Source: Email

    Action Alert: DREAM Amnesty Coming Up for Vote. Call Your Reps.
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2010-12-01 12:06:57 [ Print / Instant Flyer |

    All Hands on Deck!

    We just received word from our friends at NumbersUSA that Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a vote on the Dream Act Amnesty tomorrow... Thursday!

    We need everyone calling Congress right now. Call your own representatives then call them all or as many as you can! When the offices close, fill those voice mail systems!

    Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your House Rep's office. Urge him/her to vote NO on the DREAM Act.

    Only a huge and historic outcry from the American public can stop them from passing this tomorrow!

    Call and say "Please ask Congressman/Congresswoman _______ to delay the vote on the Dream Act to give America more notice about this vote! Please oppose the Dream Amnesty tomorrow as it will displace millions of American students, workers, and voters. Americans oppose Dream Amnesty three to one and I will work to defeat any lawmaker who supports Amnesty in 2012. Please stand with Americans instead of illegal aliens and please vote No on the Dream Act Amnesty which will harm innocent American students, workers, and voters."

    Call! Call! Call! Calls are the most effective. You can then follow-up your call with a written email or fax. Letters will not arrive in time.

    ALIPAC's Contact list for members of the US House

    Read more

    News Source: ALIPAC e-mail

    Action Alert: Dumbing Down White Students is Now a Moral Imperative
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2010-11-30 15:33:32 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    Here is the contact page to the alleged "administrators" at Evanston Township High School. Tell 'em what's on your mind. -- Ed.

    When he scans the faces in his honors science courses at Evanston Township High School, chemistry teacher William Farmer can easily see who's missing: minority kids.

    "Out of 26, you might have three nonwhite students," he said.

    One of the most racially mixed high schools in Illinois, Evanston has a mission of embracing diversity and promoting equity and excellence for all students. But its own data show that few minority students make it into the school's most rigorous courses that will best prepare them for college and the future.

    Honors classrooms dominated by white students have been common in Illinois and across the nation, a byproduct of a century-old and controversial tradition of tracking, or sorting, students into different levels of classes.

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    News Source: chicago tribune

    Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act Vote Imminent
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2010-11-16 14:14:09 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    Would outlaw gardening and saving seeds

    Senate Bill 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, has been called "the most dangerous bill in the history of the United States of America." It would grant the U.S. government new authority over the public's right to grow, trade and transport any foods. This would give Big brother the power to regulate the tomato plants in your backyard. It would grant them the power to arrest and imprison people selling cucumbers at farmer's markets. It would criminalize the transporting of organic produce if you don't comply with the authoritarian rules of the federal government.

    Read more

    News Source: Email

    Five Hate Bills Surge Forward in Congress
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-09-21 13:07:06 [ Print / Instant Flyer |

    By Rev. Ted Pike

    The Christian/conservative right is bruised by hate bill victory in the House/Senate and distracted by healthcare debate; the Jewish Anti-Defamation League is losing no time pushing four more of its freedom-destroying, pro-homosexual hate bills. This antichrist legislation is intent on banning criticism of homosexuality in the workplace, on the airwaves and internet, and in public schools.

    These bills join the federal hate crimes bill, now moving toward signing by Pres. Obama.

    * Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) HR 3017 and S 1584. This is ADL’s workplace hate bill establishing preferential rights for homosexuals and transgenders in business and possibly church-operated businesses. ENDA is scheduled for its first hearing on Wed., Sept. 23, in the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Crime. Learn more in my two previous articles at www.truthtellers.org; "How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom: Part One, Part Two."

    * Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act , HR 1966. This extremely dangerous ADL legislation makes it a federal thought crime, punishable by two years in prison, just to “intend” to cause “substantial emotional distress” by criticizing homosexuality over the airwaves or internet. It doesn’t matter if no homosexuals are actually distressed by your speech! Your intent will be a federal crime. A House Judiciary (Democrat) spokesperson told me a hearing on HR 1966 will be held this month.

    Read more

    News Source: National Prayer Network

    Facebook Group Solicits The Murder Of Nick Griffin
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-07-03 15:23:06 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    Someone who goes by the moniker Leinid is advocating and promoting the death of MEP Nick Griffin.

    The readers of Western Voices World News are obligated to do all in their power to shut down this hate group, which openly advocates for the murder of MEP Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party.

    Please see here to lodge a complaint to Facebook by scrolling down to 'Report This Group,' bottom left of page.


    156 University Ave.
    Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605 (Map)

    Phone: 650-543-4800
    Fax: 650-543-4801

    Send emails to: warning@facebook.com with "Facebook Group Solicits Murder " in the subject line.

    Above all else London law enforcement may also be notified.

    Read more

    News Source: facebook

    Action Alert: La Raza: "If the American People Find Out, They Will Rise Up."
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-06-30 20:05:11 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    If you think we have a problem with illegal immigration now, wait 'til you see the borders when this thing (health care "reform") gets passed.

    "Suzanne", a female caller to Mark Levin's show on June 25th, revealed the ominous secret of the Democrat health care reform effort.

    "I want to tell you that last week I attended a conference on health care reform sponsored by La Raza. And I will tell you that what they had to say, Mark, is scarier than anything that's been said so far on the health care plan.

    The kind of comments that were made and the notes that I took... they started the conference out by saying "America does not need health care reform, but Latino immigrants need health care reform."

    And someone from Menendez' office [Ed.: Sen. Robert Menendez, D-NJ] promised that he would make sure that "the useless barriers of citizenship would not be in this bill" and that he would make sure that they would use keywords like "streamline"...

    It was La Raza, the Childrens Defense Fund and Senator Menendez from New Jersey, a representative from his office..."

    Read more

    News Source: Email

    BNP Website Update
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-05-25 11:10:50 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    From Simon Darby

    At 13:36 Monday we can now confirm that following on from the sustained denial of service attack on the main BNP website (http://www.bnp.org.uk/) we can now confirm the following:

    1. The Counter Terrorism Unit at Scotland Yard is now investigating.

    2. MI5 have now been alerted to this incident which has serious implications for UK security.

    3. The Labour Party aligned "Searchlight" organisation is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for a similar attack on the servers of Clear Channel. The situation is compounded by the fact that "Searchlight" actually works for the Metropolitan Police.

    Read more

    News Source: Simon Darby

    Congress Accepts, Passes Hate Crime Law To Senate
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-05-14 18:38:04 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    Senate Contact Information here

    The Hate Crimes Prevention Act has passed the Congress and is now on its way to the Senate, where it is likely to pass and signed by President Obama. There are already similar hate crime laws in place, however, this bill imposes much stronger federal enforcement, a clear violation of the Tenth Amendment. It grants greater power to federal prosecutors to prosecute hate crime laws by prosecuting those who have been found innocent by local or state courts. The current bill will extend special privileges to gays and transgender individuals that are currently only granted to ethnic and religious minorities.

    Read more

    News Source: Examiner

    'Hate Crimes' Fate Now Up to People
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-05-12 20:14:04 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    Congressman: 'If you don't raise enough stink, there's not a chance of stopping it'

    A Texas member of Congress is warning Americans that unless they act � and act now � the nation soon will have a "hate crimes" law that actually was written so that it protects pedophiles and others with alternative sexual orientations such as voyeurism and exhibitionism.

    "If you guys don't raise enough stink there's not chance of stopping it," U.S. Rep. Louis GohmertWND columnist Janet Porter. She's the chief of the Faith2Actioncampaign to allow citizens to send overnight letters to members of the U.S. Senate expressing opposition to the plan. said today on a radio program with Christian ministry and has coordinated a

    Already well over 2,000 people have utilized the procedures and more than 200,000 letters have been dispatched to members of the Senate.

    Read more

    News Source: wnd

    European Americans United: Action Alert Regarding Hate Crimes Bill S. 909
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-05-11 15:32:36 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    We must move quickly and responsibly. Now.

    Audio Action Alert Version Here

    Senate sponsors and militant leftist supporters of the federal "hate crimes" bill, S. 909, have been caught in a sequence of blatant lies. To the clear omission of other individual groups � including veterans, the elderly and the homeless � S. 909, in its present form, would grant special federal resources and preferred minority status to pedophiles, homosexuals, cross-dressers and � as Democratic sponsor Alcee Hastings recently admitted on the House floor � �a host of other APA recognized "sexual orientations" (i.e., deviant sexual fetishes and perversions).

    Not only is this legislation constitutionally poisonous on First Amendment grounds, AND a flat out violation of the Fourteenth Amendment that requires "equal protection of the laws;" it also shuts off the Tenth Amendment, which clearly limits the federal government's influence in state matters when it comes to powers entrusted by the U.S. Constitution.

    According to Ted Kennedy while addressing "hate crimes" allegedly motivated by so-called "sexual orientation" bias, the bill asserts that existing law is "inadequate to address this problem."

    That's a lie.


    Read more

    News Source: EAU Board of Directors

    'Pedophile Protection Act' Stirs 200K Letters to Senate
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-05-09 18:37:50 [ Print / Instant Flyer |

    WND has reported multiple times on the developing legislation – a plan that failed under President George W. Bush when he determined it was unnecessary and most likely unconstitutional.

    An analysis by Shawn D. Akers, policy analyst with Liberty Counsel, said the proposal, formally known as H.R. 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act bill in the House and S. 909 in the Senate, would create new federal penalties against those whose "victims" were chosen based on an "actual or perceived… sexual orientation, gender identity."

    Americans, meanwhile, are bombarding members of the Senate with their opposition to the "Pedophile Protection Act."

    Porter organized the effort to utilize reduced rates for individual letters delivered by Fed Ex to individual senators in bulk quantities. Overnight letters not only have more impact, but can be assured of delivery in time to impact pending legislation.

    Read more

    News Source: wnd

    Hate Bill Vote Could Be Today!
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-04-28 10:09:33 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
    By Rev. Ted Pike

    The office of Rep. John Conyers, primary sponsor of the federal hate crimes bill HR 1913, says the bill "could be voted on Tuesday," April 28, on the floor of the House. The rules committee will discuss the bill at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Usually, a full floor vote follows the next day; but, with the prediction of Conyers' office in mind and with cooperation from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, HR 1913 could even be put to a vote by late afternoon Tuesday.

    Considering the number of amendments to the bill by House Republicans in Judiciary last week, all voted down by Democrats, Conyers' office also says it is probable no amendments will be entertained on the floor of the House. This would eliminate Rep. King's amendment requiring a clear statement in the bill that homosexual pedophiles not be specially protected.

    Read more

    News Source: National Prayer Network

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