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    One For The Ladies
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-06-29 21:39:50 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Don’t allow yourself to become dehumanized by impersonal external forces; or by people that do not have your best interests at heart even if they are family and friends.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    Let me say that I love women, especially our women; those of European descent. And I must admit sometimes I like them too much but we won't go there... You know, it would be an unqualified crime against man and nature to wake up one morning and discover that we no longer share the world with women of European birthright. I guess this is partly the reason why I hate to see women with whom I share the same blood --and heritage-- romantically involved with non-whites. Why? Because deep inside I, like other men, have not only a natural instinct that tells me it is eradicating our own species but also an inborn fraternal cohesion to those like myself. It’s not perverted, abnormal or vile to hold our ladies in such high esteem. It is a simple fact of life that our women –- who are among the most sought after in the world by prince and rogue alike -- must reproduce with their own kind, or their own kind will cease to live. And before anyone gets the wrong idea this is not to say European derived men get a pass on this issue; far from it. You need to think with your brain instead of your hormones and pass up that Oriental or mestizo sham attraction. But with regard to miscegenation within our culture it seem to be white women who are predominately inclined toward sexual and or/ romantic involvement with non-white men, especially black men.

    No one is saying biracial mixing is a new phenomenon. It has always been present in many parts of the world among sundry races and cultures, with detrimental results I might add. But here in the United States we can see that in addition to this alarming trend we have a media of news and entertainment that is single-minded in its program to divert young impressionable white girls away from their own kind because it is presented as chic and progressive to do so. In addition they are allowed by their parents to watch MTV and attend movies to hero worship black rap singers and black actors, thereby creating the familiarity needed to make the interracial leap -- within a desegregated environment. Like Hollywood the churches also contribute to the ongoing brainwashing of our young people, especially young girls and even older women; helping them jump the fence into darker pastures you might say. Take evangelist Billy Graham's publication Christianity Today. In 1994 it contained an article that urged readers to express joy over the conduct of mixed-race marriages and biracial children and to do everything in their power to make them totally accepted into society. It even stated that this is one area where the news and entertainment industry are ethically in front of the churches! And of course we have the Catholic Church using the "Welcome the Stranger" bible quote to push open borders down our throats. I personally find it remarkable media and religion, two historically well known enemies, both promote the belief that "race" is no longer a legitimate or necessary identifier; that continued commitment to "race-based" identities only serve to hold back “individuality” and prop up stereotypes, or some such Marxist baloney.

    On the eve of World War II, mixed-race marriage was illegal in many states with politicians promoting segregated facilities in order to avoid race mixing. And I want you to bear in mind that the very signers of the Declaration of Independence and the signers to the Constitution of the United States wanted those kinds of laws to be upheld infinitum. Some interracial couples risked public resentment, legal action and even violence unfortunately. Sixty-plus year’s later, black-white marriage is no longer illegal or a disruptive political issue and the number of such couples and their mixed-race children has risen vividly, thanks to this two pronged brainwashing scheme by the media and the churches. And yet, as recently cited by our own John Young: (In 2007)…along comes Harvard Professor Robert Putnam who notes: "Rather, inhabitants of diverse communities tend to withdraw from collective life, to distrust their neighbors regardless of the color of their skin, to withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, to register to vote less, to agitate for social reform more, but have less faith that they can make a difference." While this is quite true on many levels, the evidence of which is everywhere for those with eyes who can see, nevertheless in many cases the encircling forces that promote miscegenation are powerful and difficult to resist for far too many of our people. And sometimes it has disastrous consequences.

    Take for example the 500 pound gorilla no one seems to notice but which is sitting quietly night after night on television. Of course I’m talking about the death of Jesse Davis, a European American woman, who authorities believe was recently murdered by her black boyfriend Bobby Cutts in Canton Ohio. It seems Ms. Davis had an ongoing affair with the unpredictable black police officer since she had already born him a mulatto child and was carrying another of his children at the time of her death. Additionally, Mr. Cutts had a child out of wedlock, presumably by another white woman before he finally got married to yet another white woman. He then sired another child in that marriage prior to meeting Ms. Davis. Therefore, due to a lack of morals not to mention the lack of at least even a pinch of racial awareness we have all been blessed by three mulatto children and a dead mother. I’m sorry but there was no reason on this earth Ms. Davis, let alone the entire group of known and unknown white women who were Mr. Cutt’s concubines, could not have found an acceptable European American male to share their time with. Jesse Davis’ lack of common sense in this matter not to mention the atrocious indiscretion of the other women won’t be mentioned in the medium, I assure you. Brainwashed by the media which pimps the idea that black males are perfectly suitable romantic partners for color blind white girls, brainwashed by the churches that threaten their souls with eternal hellfire if they feel a stir of white racial cognition, not to mention the obvious consent of family and friends; this happens all over the United States everyday and we have been given an undistilled view of this ugly phenomena. And I want you to bear in mind millions of people are seeing this spectacle in the privacy of their own homes, alone with their thoughts. I wish I was a mind reader...

    If you haven’t seen or heard anything about this Ohio murder -- and this broadcast is your first exposure -- sit in front of the boob tube long enough and I’m sure it will appear. Or you can Google the names Bobby Cutts and Jessie Davis for a glut of video presentations and commentary. However, unless something has changed and some journalist wherever has grown a pair, you won’t hear or see anything in regards to the race of these people. With the exception of the murder accusations the media is acting as if nothing at all is out of sorts with this story. ‘Hey no one will notice the obvious disparity in the appearance these people, let’s go with it. Surely not that many people are unenlightened.’ You know when I first became aware of this case I wondered why a beautiful wholesome looking girl like Jessie Davis would even consider a sexual relationship with a black male let alone bear his children. But after hearing what her parents and friends are saying about it, and after seeing how the media has presented it, it all comes together. No comprehension of the violent nature of blacks in general and no comprehension of the long term ramifications of the genetic suicide of our people. Bottom line: diversity is dangerous and diversity eventually results in no diversity. Period

    Now before any of the usual suspects start to wail and gnash their teeth at my quote racist point of view – like I would actually care anyway -- let me say this. Over the years I have personally associated with black people who are decent human beings. And I also believe a good many of you in my listening audience have experienced the same thing. They never gave me any cause to dislike them and or wish them any harm. But they were the exception, not the rule; and there are two things we should never forget. One: they will always identify themselves as black --first and foremost-- because they are a racially conscious group of people. Can you do that and get away with it? Two: Just because a handful of blacks conduct themselves like decent human beings doesn’t mean we have to date them, marry into their families, or worse become intimate and sire children with them. There are simply too many fundamental differences between our races to consider; and there are too many long term ramifications to the health and integrity of our European American longevity in the land of our fathers.

    And speaking of lands handed down to succeeding generations, in spite of the refutations of a handful of affirmative action Black “scholars,” history proves that Blacks have never been able to rule their own people fairly, and the legend of great Black civilizations in Africa are just that, legends. Since the beginning of time Blacks in Africa walked over untold mineral riches without ever identifying their worth for anything other than ornaments. Even now many Africans live as their aborigine ancestors did thousands of years ago, without the understanding of a wheel. No, not one country in Africa now under Black control, has improved itself. But in South Africa, prior to its downfall by the African National Congress, which was colonized by Europeans and where naive Americans had been brainwashed about the oppression of Blacks, the Black people who willingly lived there lived better than in any other country on that troubled continent. And yet South Africa is the only country in Africa with a “colonization” problem. Figure that one out. But if you believe that perhaps the race of Socrates Shakespeare and Poe may have some added role to make in the future, you have to take steps to make it happen. Teach your children to marry their own group in spite of what the media and churches tell you. Instruct them that having a big family is not a crime against themselves, nor does it hamper their future. Prudence, self reflection, and common sense will win the day.

    Now of course the harassment of people who give this kind of advice shows the increasing limitation of the old order in the European American environment. Incompetent at dealing with the situation they have created, which is those of us who publicly decry miscegenation and an increasingly unreliable population, they are required to seek retaliation against those of us willing to offer irrefutable alternatives and serious solutions to real long term problems. But that’s the price we are willing to pay on behalf of our precious women. Ladies, never forget that miscegenation is not a natural occurrence and it’s a real heartbreaker to see it. You were born with deep psychological hurdles which are impossible to overcome within a natural upbringing in a focused world, a world that’s unraveling right before our eyes. If however you already know what I mean please pass this broadcast along to someone who may need to hear it. So, stay focused or learn to listen carefully from now on. Don’t allow yourself to become dehumanized by impersonal external forces; or by people that do not have your best interests at heart even whether or not they are family or friends -- like Jessie Davis did.

    Thank you for listening and take care.

    News Source: Author

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