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    An Open Letter To Caribbean World News
    Activism; Posted on: 2010-12-18 12:26:41 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    The vast majority of rank and file Mexican people would never allow this kind of cultural and demographic replacement to take place.


    I read with interest your maudlin, self righteous screed regarding the soundly defeated DREAM Act. I know its infuriating for you open border moon bats to witness even the slightest renunciation of your Marxist wet dreams, in this case the virtual swamping of my country with millions of Third World hijackers.

    True to form of equality mongers such as yourself, it always boils down to 'hate and ignorance'† and 'voting against children' when the historical majority population of the US actually flexes its willpower and gets it right for a change, correct? Sounds to me like you have laid a claim to ethnic supremacy and would like to see European Americans diversity diluted to the point of meaningless. I know we have nicer "stuff" than south of the Rio Grande, but that's no reason for border dodgers like you to imply your inherent supremacy, is it?

    Yes, my language is a bit strong, and I'm sure a number of my readers will be taken aback somewhat. But really now: let's reverse the locations and the demographics in question, shall we? Then you can tell me how your language would not take on a distinctly different tone from your "article" I cited above.

    I think we can all agree the vast majority of rank and file Mexican people, for instance, would never allow this kind of cultural and demographic replacement to gain even a toe-hold in their nation, a fact we should look upon with all due credit based on common sense.

    I know I do.

    In fact Iíd suggest the possibility that once a tipping point was reached a bloody upheaval would take place, given that countries recent drug smuggling history and how it teaches its rats and stool pigeons a lesson; with the Mexican traitors among them slated for public hangings and firing squads before they turned upon the white invaders in their midst.

    And really, who could blame them? Could you?

    If you think about it the consent of Mexicans to be displaced by the white world would have to have been manufactured and distributed by traitors in the media and the government; and social engineers in their schools and universities.

    You know, like what we see here in your sought after homeland.

    Forget all of the platitudes about equality and racial brotherhood. Under these circumstances the Mexicans would reasonably conclude that racial conformity in Mexico is strength while ethnic diversity leaves them at a distinct disadvantage.

    Hence, they would sooner than later realize they were unwitting dupes in the manufactured consent of their demise; and would do whatever it takes to correct the situation no matter who didnít like it. That by the way would include a tightening of the borders and stricter immigration laws, a sterling example of which is Mexico's southern border and its current immigration laws, some of the toughest in the world.

    At this time the dominant, civilized ethnic majority in the US is holding fast to the idea that negative change can still be met with positive engagement, although in some circles that tradition looks as though its beginning to be reconsidered. For your sake lets hope it continues for a long time.

    Frank Roman
    BoD European Americans United

    News Source: frank roman

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