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    White People Are Cool
    Race; Posted on: 2010-11-23 14:41:49 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    We posted this video some time ago. Since then it has been supplemented so we'd like to present it to you once again. Take inspiration and confidence because in spite anything else we should always remember: 'White people are my people, and they're alright.' -- Ed.


    Each people creates a culture that reinforces its own unique traits. A culture alien to that people would thus fail to reinforce their unique traits and ultimately lead to their dissolution and slow-motion genocide.

    Likewise, mass migration of one people into another people's country causes unnecessary conflict, and hurts both the immigrants and the native population of the nation.

    For this reason, EAU supports self-determination for all races and peoples; so they are free to develop and practice their own cultures and traditions in an environment that will continue their own unique development.

    We believe that European Americans have a right to decide how they will live, and that an eventual geographic separation is necessary for the preservation of all unique cultures and values. Our fundamental interest is what most benefits European Americans as a people, and the preservation of our genes and our lands is undoubtedly in our best interest.


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