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    UK: Blair's EU Treaty Treason
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-06-26 17:43:50 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Labour government is stabbing Britain in the back

    News article filed by BNP news team

    With every passing hour the need for a referendum on the "treaty" becomes increasingly necessary. Yet despite Tony Blair's declaration that he has "successfully defended Britain's interests" there is increasing evidence to suggest that this is simply not the case and that the "treaty" is substantially the old EU Constitution, as previously and rightfully rejected by both the Dutch and French.

    Readers will remember how Blair had insisted on an amendment making it impossible for the EU to challenge our foreign and security policy. To that end a "declaration" was inserted into the footnotes of the treaty specifying that the "responsibilities of member states" would not be affected. However it has now been revealed that this "declaration" is at best limited, at worst, has no legal "legs" - it is nothing other than an inspirational wish!" In short it isn't worth the paper it's printed on!

    In addition the "treaty" recognises the establishment of a de-facto European Union foreign minister, who will preside over EU envoys and embassies as well as chair meetings of EU foreign ministers representing once-sovereign nations, such as Britain. That being the case then it is difficult to envisage how our own Foreign Secretary can operate outside parameters laid down by his or her overlord, the EU Foreign Secretary!

    Opt-outs illegal

    Furthermore one of Blair's much-hyped "wins" was the alleged "opt-out" in respect of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. However, experts in EU Law have already called the legality of this clause into question. According to these experts, the so-called "opt-out" would certainly be subject to a legal challenge. Indeed a professor of European Law has already gone on record as describing the British exemption as "nonsense"!

    And then, of course, there is Britain's supposed right to continue to veto European plans on criminal justice. But the small print, agreed at the Summit, suggests that we have surrendered our blocking vote on the EU's "mission-critical" proposal to create a European police force, with a public prosecutor! This can only help facilitate a path to the subordination of our police services to the EU's, in much the same way as State police forces in the US are subordinate to federal law enforcement agencies!

    So far today the number of policy areas in which our right of veto has been surrendered to the EU has been calculated as 52, up 12 from the 40 identified only yesterday! No doubt yet more instances of veto surrender will be discovered over the coming days and weeks! And as various BNP correspondents have already stated, this is not a "treaty" but the already rejected and despised EU Constitution presented in a different format. Yet despite the wide-ranging nature of this document and the immense effect it will have on the way we British conduct our affairs, the lying, duplicitous and backstabbing Labour Government is adamant that we, the people, shall not have a referendum!

    UKIP silence

    Meanwhile UKIP, the EU financed so-called Euro-sceptic party, is conspicuous by its silence. Certainly four of its ten MEPs managed to rouse themselves to participate in a short abortive farce of a protest outside the Summit a few days ago - but the party's low profile on this issue speaks volumes! Is this simply a case of "he who pays the piper calls the tune"; meaning that they have no wish to upset their EU paymasters? Or could it be that the now three month old threat of a deep and far-reaching investigation into their MEPs' expenses claiming activities by OLAF, the EU anti-fraud agency, has dissuaded them from doing anything further to incur the displeasure of the EU's great and good? Either way UKIP's "nuts" are very firmly compromised in the EU vice, as our correspondent so quaintly puts it!

    British National Party
    News Source: British National Party

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