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    Attention Deficit Democracy
    Freedom; Posted on: 2007-06-25 18:12:10 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    The forms of our free government have outlasted the ends for which they were instituted, and have become a mere mockery of the people for whose benefit they should operate."~ "Americus," 1775

    by James Bovard

    Is American democracy in a death spiral? Why do Americans tolerate so many lies and abuses from their rulers? Why have Americans* permitted the U.S. government to shred their rights? Why have so many people been willing to assume that foreign empire and presidential supremacy are the highest forms of American freedom? Why are politicians not held liable for conning the nation into wars that leave scores of thousands of people dead and maimed? Why do most Americans not recognize that Leviathan Democracy will be the end of individual liberty?

    Delusions about democracy are subverting peace and freedom. The American system of government is collapsing thanks to ignorant citizens, lying politicians, and a government leashed neither by law nor Constitution. While presidents and pundits harp on democracy’s inevitable spread around the world, it is perishing at home.

    Victorious politicians routinely invoke the "will of the people" to sanctify their power. But voters (pictured, right) cannot countenance what they do not understand. The "will of the people" is often simply a measure of how many people fell for which lies, how many people were frightened by which advertisements, and which red herrings worked on which target audiences. Rather than the "will of the people," election results are often only a one-day snapshot of transient mass delusions.


    *The opinions expressed in editorials, letters, e-mail and guest columns posted on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of European Americans United.com. As far as we are concerned Mr. Bovard is operating within the 'acceptable' parameters of public debate. He ought to be concerned with the ongoing demographic and cultural plight of European Americans in no uncertain terms.

    News Source: LewRockwell.com

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