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    Part II: Merchants of Conquest
    Audio; Posted on: 2010-09-11 17:35:49 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Their universal subversion and fraud prove for all time they have no place on the soil of our European ancestors. Once again the so-called 'extremists' were right.

    By Frank Roman and John Young

    Audio Version (Update in RED below)

    Last week we discussed Islam and its poisonous effect on the white West. We told you about a video called Three Things (You Should Know) about Islam. This video flawlessly illustrates Islam as not just another religion, but a total “way of life” that brings religion into the economic and political sphere. By integrating Shariah or Islamic law into economics and finance -- by way of “religious freedom” and “tolerance” no less-- we are informed it is a powerful tool for Islamization of the West and ultimately world supremacy. In no uncertain terms this video tells us Islamists do not seek assimilation and absorption into Western society and culture; which for all right thinking people is a very acceptable proposition. No, even so-called moderate Muslims seek to destroy Western governments and establish all nations under Shariah, in which all are subservient to Muslim rule under penalty of pain or death. Take a good long smell inside the Muslim-diseased carcasses of France or Great Britain to see what’s in store for us all -- IF this scourge is not dealt with Charles Martel style.

    I also alluded to the fact that Islam is just one of two broad based nation killers whose individual vectors are aimed squarely at the white West. So today I’d like to point out the other scourge I mentioned which, ironically enough, is the mortal of enemy of Islam, and yet works in tandem with it to destroy us all.

    When President George Washington left office, he gave a farewell address to Congress and its European American constituents, an address whose wisdom we should keep in our hearts because his prescience was dead-on. One of the issues he addressed at length was that of foreign influence, its insidious nature, and its results. With untold thousands of Americans coming back in coffins from Southwest Asia for what is now approaching a decade; with trillions of dollars being spent on foreign war; and with billions of dollars being given directly and in the form of military aid to favored nations, we are now living the results that President Washington predicted would come, if we ignored his advice.

    President Washington stated:

    “And it gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens (who devote themselves to the favorite nation), facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country, without odium (hate), sometimes even with popularity; gilding, with the appearances of a virtuous sense of obligation, a commendable deference for public opinion, or a laudable zeal for public good, the base or foolish compliances of ambition, corruption, or infatuation. ...Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious (hated), while its tools and dupes usurp (take) the applause and confidence of the people, (in order) to surrender their (nation’s) interests.”


    Keeping George Washington's words in mind, a recent investigation by the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern Policy based upon declassified U.S. Government documents revealed how American citizens who are partisans of Israel funneled tens of millions of dollars into media outlets to influence news coverage, placed agents inside colleges to discredit those with positions opposed to Israeli policy and more. (1) These actions were initially undertaken by an organization known as the American Zionist Council; but when Congress required the AZC to register as a foreign agent, its tasks were transferred to AIPAC – the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee which is alive and well today. AIPAC, despite its obvious goals of advancing the interests of a foreign state, has never been required to register as a foreign agent.

    Though the released documents are nearly 50 years old, demonstrating influence exercised in all major newspapers and even Reader's Digest; that influence continues today. Walt and Mearsheimer, acclaimed college professors with vast knowledge of foreign affairs, wrote a comprehensively researched book entitled “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.” Citing hundreds of mainstream sources, the authors demonstrate that “... the lobby still has a profound influence on U.S. Middle East policy.” The authors go on to note that: “... key elements of the lobby strive to influence discourse about Israel in the media, think tanks and academia because these institutions are critical to shaping popular opinion.” (4) These academics are not alone. From a far-left position, James Petras has likewise observed the impressive influence wielded by the Israel lobby in shaping public opinion through media and directly influencing political figures. (5)

    Obviously, in a representative government, public opinion plays a role in the formulation of government policy; so obtaining the consent of the governed is beneficial. To that end, media influence of this sort has been described by Noam Chomsky and Edward Hermann as “Manufactured Consent.”

    Like we said in part one, Manufactured Consent exists anytime profit-motivated media have the capacity to influence public opinion. By presenting only one side of the story, or by weighting stories on a particular take on an issue, media controls the information available that people use to form their opinions and ultimately their consent. Think of this indoctrination as akin to television commercials with their slick packaging and over the top proclamations. After all, organized opposition to Zionist Jewish Power is apparently what Nazi Germany was all about, and it led to the "Holocaust."

    Moreover like we said last week because media is profit-motivated, anything that saves labor or costs is looked upon favorably. Thus, any data or point of view—no matter how deceptive it is, no matter how hateful-- provided by a government or by pressure groups in an easily used, high-quality and prepackaged form will always be used, especially since those in media are nearly always in agreement. But as a safety measure; since media is a profit-motivated enterprise, it is easily steered by organized pressure groups – such as the Israel lobby – that can easily organize boycotts and contact advertisers, thus creating conditions that are not favorable to the bottom line. Hence, pressure groups gain influence over media, manufacture consent to their initiatives -- and to hell with everything else.

    Therefore with the goal of manufactured consent in favor of Israel and Jewish supremacists they unashamedly paint themselves as "eternal victims" who have been persecuted all throughout history for no reason other than illogical hatred. Anybody of moderate reputation or even no reputation who dares to fight the destructive influence of Jewish supremacists is summarily demonized as a "hate-filled Nazi" in the conventional Zionist influenced "news" organizations, which in turn serves as a warning to anyone who even thinks about rattling a few cages. How’s that for manufactured consent?

    So there you have it. We have Muslims on one side demanding the supplication of the West to Sharia law, while on the other side we have Zionist supremacists demanding supplication to their political will. Both groups share many aspects we believe are worth noting.

    They both protect their interests by acting to immunize themselves -- individually and collectively -- from disapproval and resistance, and therefore stop any effective organized opposition to their power.

    Both groups regard themselves overall as Semites, aliens; borne from the same region of the world and bearing similar histories of conquest, enslavement, and dominion. They are willing to wait centuries in order to achieve their goals.

    Islam and Judaic Zionism share a ruse for the demonization of white nationalism, and the destruction and genocide of white nations via mass third world non-white immigration. In fact if even one of these groups were staunchly opposed to Third World immigration into North America you can almost be sure it would stop immediately. The same goes for other issues like taxation and off shoring, as far as I am concerned they hold that much politically correct power in the halls of US policy making.

    They both share a pretext for the continued advancement of censorship and punish dissent.

    They both profess multiculturalism for everyone else.

    Their pretexts regarding hate racism and intolerance which are entirely characteristic of Semites seek the advancement of 1] the Jewish state of "Israel" and 2] a global Muslim caliphate, which belies an eventual global showdown between them alone—that is if they are successful and there’s no one else left to challenge them.

    Islam and Zionism both have traitors working on their behalf in the District of Corruption, in the media, in academia, and in tax payer funded pressure groups. Whether it’s through the chicanery of the CIA or some other alphabet soup organization, Islam and Zionism both manufacture public consent via the media, academia and think tanks. We cannot stress that enough.

    And they call us neo-Nazis, right?

    This is what happens when we abandon the wisdom of Washington, and admit people into this country as residents and citizens who have loyalties that lie elsewhere.

    Now some people might accuse us of self indulgent pessimism; that there’s nothing that can be done to deflect these two single minded Asian vectors of our destruction. After all, this two headed Semitic snake is well funded, malevolent, and universal. Nevertheless, these Semitic transnational elites can no longer prevent their masks from slipping off, thus revealing their incestuous exploitation of international law and sweeping propaganda campaigns. Their Asian borne brainwashing is wearing thinner by the day, and no amount of alleged anti-racism or commands for tolerance can change that. Their bag of tricks is almost empty and people of European origin are waking up. More and more critics of Islam and Zionism are chipping away day in day out to expose their hateful candor; and the fear of being called a racist, anti-Muslim or anti-Semitic is beginning to wither on the vine. In its place we are seeing a realization amongst our own people that these aliens deserve less and less credibility as their heavy handed tactics breed more antipathy than they bargained for.

    Additionally our managerial elites in DC and elsewhere who lack a sense of social and civic values, who work like lap dogs on behalf of Islam and Zionism are losing their grip for they cannot help but overdo it. Conversely, anecdotal evidence is continuing to mount that more and more of our kind wishes to preserve our unique ideals and pass them along to future generations of our European American posterity. Join or contribute to European Americans United and help us throw off the yoke of this two-headed Semitic snake.

    Thanks for all you do, and thank you for listening

    (1) http://www.wvwnews.net/story.php?id=9251
    (2) http://irmep.org/ILA/AZC/default.asp
    (3) Walt and Mearsheimer, “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” page xi
    (4) ibid, pg 168
    James Petras, “Rulers and Ruled in the U.S. Empire: Bankers, Zionists and Militants”

    UPDATE: Unfortunately, I was bit careless through the sin of omission while composing this podcast.

    I neglected to mention that both Islam and Zionism implicitly and explicitly adhere to their global movements as instructed by their 'holy' books: the Quran and the Talmud. In the 'comparative' section of this podcast, I should have mentioned that both texts are war like, imperious, and they instruct their followers to consider non-believers as nothing more, or less than, slaves.

    In other words both 'holy books' are compatible to post modern democracy.

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