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    A Stockholm Nation?
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-06-22 22:58:52 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Although ignorance and fear for some provides a life of ease, a mass consciousness is forming among our people.

    By Frank Roman and W.P. Rayburn

    Audio Version

    Has anyone ever wondered why so many Americans seem to be apathetic during critical times in our nation’s history? I know I have. In the past I have amused myself by throwing out some political issues at private parties and other social events. The responses I get range from amusing to categorically sad. Once in a blue moon though I will find someone who understands what’s going on in the world and is willing to tread a little further out onto the thin ice; and there are quite a number of people like this. But, when I do hit pay dirt and actually come across someone brave enough to stare down the beast that is currently devouring America and the entire West for that matter --from massive Third World immigration to corporate globalism-- we usually agree that everyday folks like us are under siege by forces we don’t fully understand. We agree that we are in bunker mode, but are not quite sure how to fight our way out, how to extricate ourselves out of a corner. That’s usually about as far as we get until someone chirpily interjects that we have got to get behind candidate X or policy Y and we will all be saved.



    These are usually the people that listen to talk radio and are satisfied that they are in the “know” about the perils we face if we let those commie Democrats or money grubbing’ Republicans get their way. These are the drones of the world, and for that matter of our race, who have accepted the limited parameters of debate and dare not probe certain issues for fear that they be deemed ‘intolerant’ or ‘racist’, a fate worse than death. To them denial is a river in Egypt. But you know, the saddest responses by far are those who nervously chuckle and try to change the subject. And really, these are the folks that pique my interest if there is any interest to be had. These are the folks who have seen the face of the beast rising up out of its dark well and beheld its horror, if only for a fleeting moment, and are so terrified of what they have seen that they will go to almost any length to avoid thinking about it. Either that or they are intellectually vacant miscreants and I totally misread them.

    Since when did we become such a nation of frightened children? From bicycle helmets in case we fall down to duct tape to protect us from a terrorist attack; from label warnings not to drink printer toner to suspending school age children for pretending they’re shooting a pistol; a definite air of wimpishness pervades our daily lives. Our European forefathers who built a nation of nations out of an endless and dangerous wilderness by facing risk we can only imagine would be ashamed of the majority of us. Can you imagine a Justin Timberlake of that day joining the Lewis and Clark expedition? And when did we start reasoning like children? After all, the fantasies of children and those of many European American adults are not so different if you think about it. Let’s see: “If I am good, Santa will bring me lots of stuff and that will make me happy.” Now compare that with: “If we can reduce capital gains taxes we will have more money, more consumer spending and we will all be able to live happily ever after with all of the stuff we can buy.”

    Not much of a difference, is there? I believe our global enemies from the Middle East and our domestic enemies’ right here in the United States has sensed this degeneration in our people for a long time, and in some cases facilitated it, and they have stepped up their attacks accordingly. So it should come as no surprise that our country ultimately has been attacked with the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction imaginable: fear. And I don’t necessarily mean fear of terrorists.

    Mankind has been developing in modern form for about 200,000 years, and for about 195,000 of those years we didn’t have any bigger than life government to “protect” us. But the masters of management, media, and what passes for education – all three of these institutions -- have learned to recognize our weaknesses and how to exploit them within a seamless package. In 21st century America, fear is everywhere. The legendary American ruggedness, for many, is a thing of the past. Perhaps it was just a short lived fluke of history, although I doubt that. Our current fearocracy in America has all of its bases covered. Watch television sometime – the anti American subverters will thank you -- and you will see how fear pervades all of the advertising as well as the programming. Everything seems to revolve around fear, from tooth whitener to television dramas. No really. For example if you don’t use a certain brand of tooth whitener you will have brown teeth and be unattractive. If you are not attractive you won’t find a mate which means you will be doomed to a life of abject misery and loneliness. Or how about the entirely kosher television program Law & Order? Have you noticed how even the non criminal / non law enforcement civilians are usually portrayed as sniveling little wimps or Machiavellian rogues while the cops are depicted as heroic storm troopers in combat gear carrying MP-5’s and *M-16’s, taking down doors to arrest yet another sniveling wimp or Machiavellian rogue? Generally, we have gone from John Wayne in True Grit to Olivia on Law & Order. And speaking of which; am I the only one who’s noticed the high degree of incidents reported in the news about people who, after committing a crime and are about to be apprehended by the police, choose to kill themselves rather than go through the justice system? On a basic level I think criminals know better than anyone what’s in store for them and they are afraid of it down to their very core to the point that suicide is a viable option. At the same time I also believe the vast majority of our people who are not criminals are afraid of the same things though with not as much clarity. Rather, we are avoiding a dull nameless punishment that waits in the darkest recesses of our hearts and minds; a fate reserved for those who misbehave, who act out with a little more than the accepted amount of independence, who step on toes and say certain things so as to alert the all seeing Sauron-like eye of the Authorities.

    It is in this atmosphere disguised as freedom that dissenters --especially American race realists who abhor the loss of their nation their people and culture— are subject to being charged as being bourgeois (retaining traditional values), racist, sexist, etc. They fear losing their job and reputation. They fear they will be manhandled in the street. They fear being subjected to judicial consequence for what they know deep inside has to be done. And it is this farthest point of reaction to our environment that has given us Political Correctness. Dissenters are the enemies of the truth. And one of the greatest deceptions is the alleged truth that different cultures -– from Africa to Mexico-- are well-matched in America. People who disagree with this assertion are trouble-making bigots which make them enemies of the community, if not civilization, and justify singling out. Once expression gets locked into the straitjacket of political correctness, then the psychosis that arises in all dictatorial states is attained. Therefore, comfort convenience and consumption are now the end all be all to the vast majority of European Americans. Most of our people are more willing than ever to tolerate an impersonal government bureaucracy and all its attendant restrictions, form-filling, ordinances, and regulations; demands for more and more ‘tolerance’ of Third World invaders, miscegenation, homosexuals, higher taxes, globalism, and so on. Fear of this system is key, a hope for benevolence from our captors; and the result is nearly always a form of Stockholm syndrome.

    Stockholm syndrome is a term originally coined by criminologist Nils Dejerot, describing a strange phenomena whereby people who are held hostage against their will begin to identify with and feel affection for their captors and tormentors. In the case from which the name was derived (a hostage situation in Stockholm, Sweden) the hostages actually defended their captors at trial and corresponded with them after their captors were incarcerated. Battered wife syndrome has similarities with Stockholm syndrome. When a grossly abused spouse will defend and continue to cohabitate with her abuser husband, it is said there is something psychologically defective about her, yet we all know of women who continue to stick by some real SOB’s. No matter what the circumstances, however, we can generally agree that such bizarre behavior as feeling affection for someone who has treated one poorly is a real phenomenon among humans. Sadly, this phenomenon is currently at work on the mass level, right here in America. After all who wants to go against the grain to risk losing ease and comfort especially when an all seeing bureaucracy is lurking in close proximity and decides anything other than that might cause a negative reaction to conventional wisdom? I mean, why appeal to mankind’s higher faculties of logic and reason to persuade when you can so easily tap into the primordial emotion of fear that emanates from our reptilian brain stem?

    While we have been frightened in our captivity, willfully forking over our hard earned money to a globally motivated government, have our lives improved? Think about that for a minute. From Third World immigration to public education every government program in the last 60 years has practically been an unmitigated disaster. Through coercion from the IRS we fork over billions to the FBI and crime continues without deterrence. Through intimidation hand over billions to the DEA and drugs are still rampant. We have spent trillions on national defense and foreign intelligence and yet we are barely able to claim ‘mission accomplished’ for the second time in 30 years by third world warriors with AK-47’s and bombs that are detonated with garage door openers and cell phones. Are you starting to see a theme here? So how is it that most Americans repay the malevolent goons who have been looting our wallets and distorting reality? Well, we keep voting. We keep playing their game by their rules instead of pointing out that their rules are killing our people and nation. We put their silly bumper stickers on our cars and we joke about our “leaders” improprieties much as the ancient Greeks supposedly joked about their Gods, and we allow ourselves to be pigeonholed with meaningless labels such as “liberal” and “conservative.” We must therefore end our subservience for fear of losing ‘the good life’ which for all practical purposes won’t happen anyway. Barring a few real patriots such as Texas Congressman Ron Paul, our domestic enemies are beguiling and vicious, and those of you who don’t believe this need to rethink a few things. I know for a fact that many people feel the identical way I do, having talked with many of them. As for those Americans whose hearts still drop when they see yet another “Fox News Alert” on their television screens: a Stockholm nation is what they deserve and in the end they will pay dearly for it. For the rest of us let’s acknowledge that we are descended from heroes. Our forefathers blazed trails through Appalachia and out of a wilderness built a civilization. Our forefathers, heavily outnumbered, triumphed at the Gates of Vienna. Our forefathers fought Indians and British and Mexicans and from 1861-1865 fought each other. Our forefathers survived the doomsday flu of 1918, the Great Depression, two world wars and countless government sponsored “policing actions” in the four corners of the globe. Our forefathers taught us how to learn from and work with Nature, how to take care of our families, and how to have faith in ourselves. I believe it is this most salient aspect of our character that the anti American elites are fundamentally incapable of ever understanding.

    European Americans United wants to emulate our kinsmen in Europe, who live under worse restrictions than we do and reject the Stockholm Syndrome, by organizing for our self-interest and continued existence, as we have a right to do and which many other groups have done. When we are finally organized in sufficient numbers, the lies of the controlled media won’t matter to us anymore. Our assets both in terms of skills and wealth will possibly be second to none once we are more united, but first we have got to present our point of view – the EAU point of view-- to all our fellow Americans such as we’re doing right now. This is the first phase of our racial and national survival. No people can continue to exist on this special planet unless they have a plain sense of who they are, where they came from, and where they are going; and it is exactly these essential areas of information that the enemies of America are denying us. From control of the mass media, the educational establishment and the courts the adherents of globalism multiculturalism and miscegenation are seeking to marginalize European Americans until we are nothing less than smiling serfs.

    The second phase of our racial and national survival is to stop relating to our historically emotional and financial captors in Washington and Hollywood. We have to reject their message and stop relating to it, which means we must then begin to agitate and organize. But most importantly, in the spirit of all the great men and women who went before us, from William Wallace to Molly Pitcher, from George Washington to Stonewall Jackson, they taught us that living does not end with fear. They taught us that courage and honor live on forever and are indeed more precious than life itself. Therefore, it is now our duty to understand the world and change it. So it is with this thought that I end our broadcast: Fear nothing. And when you do feel fear, in the spirit of our forefathers, do what needs doing anyway. Give thanks to all those who have gone before us who have shown us how to live courageously. Thank all of the Tom Paine’s we have working night and day for us now, from those who operate websites and do internet radio shows, to those who march in protest and raise their indignant voices on behalf of our people, to those who peel off a few comments on the innumerable blogs out there, who call into talk radio shows and write letters to the paper. All of us, each and every one are having an impact and no one can tell me different. A mass consciousness is forming among our people and you need to become a part of it. This mass consciousness is emanating from the bottom up and everything you do on behalf of courage and liberty counts mightily. We at European Americans United are so proud to be one of you, and so grateful to be alive, right here, right now. Following these critical times in our history maybe, just maybe, our grandchildren can live in a world that is a little better, a little saner; where all of our white descendants acquire two articles of trade that are more valuable than all of the gold on Earth: Courage and Hope.

    Thank you for your time and thanks for all you do.

    * I don't believe a weapon designated as an "MP 16" has ever existed. A slip of the tongue to be certain. -- FR




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