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    Thinking About a Post Election America
    Audio; Posted on: 2010-08-17 19:35:27 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Over the course of the last month or so I’ve received several inquiries as to why I’ve cut back on writing and producing these Frank Roman Radio pod casts. First, let me say thank you to those whose concern over my absence is evident. Secondly, my only candid excuse for the lack of regular pod casts is nothing more than demanding personal and employment schedules, a mild case of “cabin fever”, and a pursuit of outdoors activities with friends and associates. Rest assured your host is awake and I am in regular contact with my fellow Board members and others within European Americans United. Moreover, I will make a stronger effort to issue these pod casts on a more regular basis as before.

    by Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    It’s a safe bet to consider that many people who follow the ideology of white nationalism or consider themselves to be race realists, if you will, often listen to talk radio. While many of our fellow travelers have their own reasons for tuning in to the likes of Limbaugh Beck Hannity and Boortz I think its clear overall we seek positive insights that may slightly illuminate the void between European American advocacy and mainstream talk radio. Needless to say the above named talkers are never to be taken serious in terms of white American sponsorship; rather they are all as ethnically “inclusive” and racially vapid as their hyper lefty counterparts. Still at times they do tend to get awfully close to the flame of “extreme” political incorrectness, of almost having a “white voice”, before they sheepishly pull back. Don’t want to anger their bosses, you know.

    At any rate I’ve been hearing an awful lot lately from talk radio outlets about the upcoming midterm elections in November, and how critical it is for people to vote out from office the congressional and senate Democrats and replace them with “conservatives.” Moreover, the establishment talkers are also targeting the presidential election of 2012 and the ouster of Barack Obama, presumably by electing a “conservative” to sit in the Oval Office. By way of heated rhetoric and select reasoning casting the Republicans as the Second Coming they are whipping up the masses for an electoral ‘revolution.’ Then, they imply, we will all be on the fast track to Republican unity and prosperity, dismantling all of the damage the Democrats and Barack Obama have inflicted on our wonderful melting pot country. We all will breathe a sigh of collective relief, fix our sights on the future, and become one big happy conservative family again according to talk radio.

    Well, the truth of the matter is these talking machines are delusional. While we might see a few minuscule tax breaks and some bureaucratic reform here or there the fact of the matter is a new ‘conservative’ regime will never abandon the policies that have corrupted the government of the United States over the last century, especially those policies that have disenfranchised European Americans in a fanatical push toward capitalist globalism, multiculturalism and impossible equality. Today’s brand of social and political conservatism will always benefit Third World immigrants legal and illegal. Reagan and both Bush’s have proven that. Like their Frankfurt School adherents on the left, today’s brand of social and political conservatism has no remedy for the outsourcing of jobs, increased crime rates, increased social costs, decrees that restrict political organizations that dissent from the ruling parties globalist agenda, restricting free speech, political correctness, and other Orwellian plans. When it comes down to it, when you boil away all the patriotic baloney, they do not want European Americans as an explicit group to make decisions over what they believe are in the best interest of their posterity and nation, while non-white Americans are given a wink and a nod to pursue their ethnic goals. Overall, no matter who is in power, corrupted politicians are in the pockets of multinational corporations, so-called human rights groups, non-white support unions, and most of all the image makers in the media of news and entertainment.

    I mean really, if the so-called conservatives of today were in power right now—as they plan to be in 2012—do you really believe they would not allow a mosque that is controlled by a bloody minded Islamic cleric to be built near ground zero like it appears to be in the works at the moment? Of course not. But, with a couple of exceptions, they sure as hell won’t hesitate to selectively enforce hate speech laws and hate crime laws against European Americans like the liberals and neoconservatives are doing right now. They are all cowards who fear the label of racist more than death itself. If the so-called conservatives of today were in power right now—as they plan to be in 2012—will all of those spaces meant for aborted European American, that several self indulgent generations left behind, no longer be filled with tens of millions of Third World replacements? Additionally, if the so-called conservatives of today were in power right now do you actually believe the Mexican border would be sealed, the jails emptied of criminal Mexicans, the drug running cartels hunted down and killed and the MS-13 gangs exterminated like they deserve to be? Nope, not a chance. That’s because from the elite viewpoint, the so-called 'two party system' is used as a kind of audition in which the actor who seeks winning votes in the political stadium are able to prove they are masters of duplicity and even the big lie over their actor opponent .

    But still, even this sorry state of affairs ought to tell you something extremely important, very revealing and even uplifting—our enemies will always tell us who they are afraid of. In this case it is you they are afraid of. It is me, it all of us who stand with our people. Be they Rush Limbaugh or Barack Obama, Abraham Foxman or Newt Gingrich, the fact that they all universally condemn even the mildest manifestation of white unity while by and large giving parallel groups a pass is a clear sign of who they are afraid of. They are afraid because of the potential power in our people alone. They understand unfettered Western history and the authority of that history in spite of our internecine conflicts. Look at the way the Tea Party is demonized by the left as “Nazis”, and yet it barely passes the politically correct smell test. Look at the way the right is trying to rebrand itself, even promising that the GOP leadership will soon be even less representative of the white Americans who actually bother to vote for them:  This is a “different Republican Party,” a “very diverse group of people” big wig neocon Bill Bennett said recently on national TV.

    There is a dawning in the air; more and more of us are beginning to understand that Marxism, liberalism, neo-conservatism, and political correctness—all of which are incestuously related-- are dangerous to the collective well-being of white Americans, because they all reduce every aspect of life down to the yoke of economic usefulness, bureaucratic dominion—and nothing more. And don’t believe for one second that we can’t overcome this condition. History has a very different opinion.

    Imagine that you are in the 1940’s and someone told the homosexuals that their cause was hopeless, that they would never be accepted, that they could never marry, that they will never receive social benefits because of their sexual proclivities. Likewise in the 1940’s imagine telling blacks and the NAACP that their cause was hopeless, that southerners would never accept blacks as equals or allow their daughters to date and mate with blacks. The truth is that history shows time and time again how seemingly hopeless causes in very short periods of time can become “mainstream.” For example back in the 1200’s Spain’s Christian towns and villages would engage in what amounts to be diversity festivals, where they celebrated the fact that Christians Muslims and Jews all lived together in harmony. And yet, within 200 years or so, the Jews and the Muslims were expelled outright by the white population. Sure we may have diversity festivals today in 2010 celebrating Mexican Asian black and homosexual lifestyles, but that can change sooner than people realize. The fact remains that this cause or that cause will never succeed or be accepted has been said of nearly every political movement in history. That is what our liberal/neo conservative/politically correct enemies are afraid of; that American pride will no longer take a back seat to basically surviving the influence of powerful lying ingrates.

    Like I said earlier I’ve been hearing an awful lot lately from talk radio outlets about the upcoming midterm elections in November, and how critical it is for people to hose out the offices of congressional and senate Democrats and replace them with “conservatives.” I said the establishment talkers are targeting the presidential election of 2012 with all due alarm over the expulsion of Barack Obama, presumably by electing a “conservative” to sit in the Oval Office. I also pointed out not much will change in 2012 by voting for a contemporary crop of two-faced conservative/neo-cons. After all were we not promised a ‘revolution’ in 1994 when the so-called conservatives took over the congress and the senate? How much good came from that little sideshow?

    So what can we do in the meantime? Well, for one thing we can take heart in the fact European groups such as the British National Party, Hungary's Jobbik party and the Danish People’s Party are prime examples of patriotic groups regaining power in political circles. Their influence has grown over the past few years. And while the European form of government is fundamentally different from the United States it still indicates that their kinsmen’s hearts and minds can be won over in spite of the European Union's Bolshevik steel boot. So essentially our European cousins are beginning to ask why anyone, regardless of race, would support the loss of his own country, his own culture, his own genetics? It staggers the mind with utter simplicity if you think about it. The lesson we must take from the Europeans and our domestic thinkers here is that nations exist because they include certain people and exclude others, that if they are all inclusive they will destroy themselves.

    Another thing we can do as far as the coming November elections and the 2012 presidential elections are concerned-- by all means vote in both of them. But, in my opinion, avoid the incumbents and throw your resources behind sensible populists. If enough people do this it will cause a political global earthquake to multiply beyond our borders. Just as importantly though, we have to augment these elections with a long term view and continue doing what we do best: helping a growing number of people make the preservation of white American heritage their business. Never ever let it be said that a growing number of people are not awake because they are. The evidence is everywhere and our two-faced enemies never hesitate to point out this fact even in the ugliest terms (Holder, CBC). In fact: “Ask any Indian nation how it preserves itself. It isn’t by letting anyone and everyone claim to be Indian. There are exceptions, but they are not the rule.”

    So, in order to accomplish the goal of Euro-centric awareness in America it is advisable to tell you now that EAU is an organization that was set up for self starters. It was organized with the idea that motivated individuals and groups would come together and work on behalf of their own; that there is no need for top down authoritarianism. Therefore we are not for the passive, the meek or the hesitant. We do not admire individuals who find solace in procrastination because they have it good right now. EAU also rejects self indulgent hobbyist dress-up "movements" which are doomed to fail from the outset.

    That’s why we say that we MUST throw our influence and resources into a cause greater than ourselves. We are now on the path to becoming a fearless ethics driven political and social force that condemns the marginalization of our people and culture; and ultimately we seek to dislodge our enemies by any means necessary. In other words we want people elected like our Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Francis Scott Key and even Abraham Lincoln, who wanted not only racial separation but also a majority white America to thrive on a continental scale. From now on then, even after the 2012 elections, our task is to defend the rights of white people everywhere, safeguard our European American culture and heritage, strengthen family values, instill economic self-sufficiency, reform legal and illegal immigration policies, seek and promote white solidarity.

    Thanks for what you do, and thanks for listening.
    News Source: author

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