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    The Counterjihad Calendar Project
    Activism; Posted on: 2007-06-21 21:49:37 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    European patriots resist Islamicization of Europe

    by Baron Bodissey

    Back in March I posted an announcement about an organization called Stop the Islamization of Europe. SIOE is a joint effort put together by SIAD (Stop Islamiseringen Af Danmark) and Akte-Islam, a prominent counterjihad group in Germany. SIOE is organizing a demonstration at the EU Parliament in Brussels on September 11th, 2007, to protest the ongoing Islamization of Europe.

    Since the launching of SIOE in March the plans for the demonstration have proceeded apace. Various other groups have joined forces with the two main sponsors, and besides Denmark and Germany, people from Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are planning to come to Brussels to show their solidarity At least, those are the countries I’m sure about — I assume that the rest of Western Europe is also involved.

    SIOE asked me to help with graphics and logos for their efforts, and I was glad to comply. In the process I decided to launch a parallel enterprise, one which fits in with the Brussels demo but which will continue afterwards. I call it the “Counterjihad Calendar Project”, and it will include an iconic image of a notable Western monument for each of the twelve months.

    One of the themes of the SIOE rally is “Enough is enough!” With the help of people from the various countries involved, versions of the slogan in nine different European languages were created:

    * Enough!

    * Så er det nok! (Danish)

    * Genug ist genug! (German)

    * Nu får det vara nog! (Swedish)

    * Basta! (Italian)

    * Suffit! (French)

    * Genoeg is genoeg! (Dutch)

    * ¡Basta ya! (Spanish)

    * Ωσ Εδω! (Greek)

    Full Article
    News Source: gatesofvienna.blogspot.com

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