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    Blair To Sign Away What's Left Of British Sovereignty
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-06-20 12:04:16 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "Get Britain out - NOW!"

    News article filed by BNP news team

    According to Tony Blair, leader of that bastion of integrity - the Labour Party, there are four elements in the proposed European "treaty" (it's not the European Constitution apparently) that he would not accept! These being:

    "First we will not accept a treaty that allows the charter of fundamental rights to change UK law in any way".

    "Second, we will not agree to something that displaces the role of British foreign policy and our foreign minister".

    "Thirdly, we will not agree to give up our ability to control our common law and judicial and police system".

    "And fourthly, we will not agree to anything that moves to qualified majority voting something that can have a big say in our own tax and benefits system".

    And, having taken all that "on board", one can only wonder as to why he is bothering to attend this Euro-Junket at all - why not send a lesser mortal instead? However can it be that Labour's illustrious honest-as-the-day-is-long leader doesn't quite understand what is at stake?

    A gang mugging

    Can he really not be aware that he faces a Euro-Mugging at the hands of the Euro-Gang, headed up by the German Chancellor? Or are Blair's comments solely for "domestic consumption" and what he says he intends, isn't actual what he intends to say! And are we really expected to believe that Herr Blair is going to overturn Frau Merkell's Euro-Apfelkarte - by not surrendering British sovereignty to the Euro-Fourth Reich?

    When all said and done, it leaves us with just three questions really.

    How will the surrender of British sovereignty to the Euro-Muggers be packaged to enhance the greatness of Herr Blair, whilst simultaneously giving the impression that nothing treasonous (like the small matter of signing away our national sovereignty) has been done?

    How will Blair conceal the detail of the treaty/constitution from the British public to the extent of maintaining the fiction that this new treaty isn't the old constitution in disguise and therefore isn't worth the "bother" of holding a referendum over?

    How will the pro-EU Tory Party walk the fine line between privately applauding the surrender of our national sovereignty ( a process that they started under the traitor Heath) whilst, at the same time, publicly maintaining an illusion of restrained Euro-scepticism in order not to offend Euro-sceptic voters?

    Perhaps we should just take the word of the Leader of Europe's most prolific vote rigging, gerrymandering and back-stabbing party and accept that he will go against the grain of his party and refuse to surrender an inch of British sovereignty - well not so much as anyone would notice - for a while!

    Get Britain out - NOW!

    News Source: British National Party


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