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    Exposed: The Criminality and Vacancy of the 'Revolutionary Left'
    Report; Posted on: 2007-06-19 19:18:58 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Illegalities suggested to shut down websites or do harm to those with whom they disagree.

    A message forum called Revolutionary Left, claiming to have thousands of members whose stripes include 'anarchists' and 'anti-fascists,' openly call for damage to and / or the destruction of websites and servers whose formats are considered 'fascist.' While the term fascism and its derivatives has been used and misused for decades to the point of near meaningless, due mostly to its widespread usage by individuals who cannot comprehend what its changing applications are, the opponents of this ideology fall flat on their faces since their position is nearly always identical to what they allegedly oppose: a system of government where all aspects of society are controlled by the state and all criticism or opposition is suppressed.

    The vast majority of white nationalists, race realists, etc do not decry the blessing of free speech simply because they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their ideas on matters of race and nation, when presented in an articulate and balanced form, stand on their own; regardless whether the opposition comes from neoconservatives, liberals or so-called anarchists. More often than not a sharp observer will note the striking similarities of behavior and the resulting implications between more 'mainstream' civil rights groups and radicalized violent leftists: they want more than anything to shut people up with whom they politically or ideologically disagree.

    They fail miserably to deflect attention away from their own shortcomings. Due mostly to immaturity, inexperience and hormones the phony moral outrage of much of the Revolutionary Left is laughable in the face of reality. In a historical context the behavior of the left as a whole down through the ages rivals Saddam’s treatment of the Shia or Stalins purges of European Christians. For some reason, they don’t want to be reminded of that, which means they have yet to come to terms with their own vile ideology, collaborators all.

    Metaphorically, their bloody hands do not come clean as quickly or as easily as they would like. No matter how hard the Left tries, it cannot wash it’s hands of the purges it is ideologically attached to that cost millions upon millions of innocent lives on nearly every continent.

    The Revolutionary Left is self absorbed and self righteous, a clear mark of inexperience and ignorance. Unfortunately, they are predominately Caucasian and would destroy everything their parents came to believe in, a free society with free opportunities for all. Standing ready to denounce the very ideas and beliefs America's Founding Fathers fought so hard for they embrace totalitarianism, stateism and the very tenants of predatory capitalism they purport to want to destroy.

    A few examples of the hard lefts 'anti fascist / anarchist' utterings and all its attendant suggestions for illegal behavior follow thus. Don't be tricked by the immature tone either.

    "It's the articulate, intelligent, well spoken and well read (white advocate) posters that are worrisome." -- Anarcho

    "They should be crushed underneath the foot of the working class." -- BOZG

    "If there is common ground to be found among these sites and among their posters, it is probably in the conviction that innate race differences exist, and that European culture and identity are something worth preserving." --slybackstabber

    "...Why hasnt some AFA brigade found this guys house (since the chap who owns it is well known), broken in, and either stolen the hardrives (or whatever) or smashed them up?" -- The Red Banner

    "People should f*** this guy up in Florida!!!" -- AmeriGuerilla

    "Please help me with suggestions, gather support and break up meetings, destroy its websites." -- BraveNewWorld

    "Also, violence is necessary to keep fascists from doing what they do." -- Fawkes


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