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    Blood and Oil
    Audio; Posted on: 2010-06-07 18:44:01 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "When you blame yourself, you learn from it. When you blame someone else, you don't learn nothing." - Joe Strummer, the Clash

    by Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    I've been watching the oil spill disaster unfold in the Gulf of Mexico. As a lover of animals it's a depressingly sad affair to watch as marine and coastal wildlife is unwittingly exposed to the thick black poison often dying from its effects. Aside from previously white pristine beaches now cruelly stained, oil in the environment or oil that is eaten causes poisoning of wildlife higher up the food chain if they eat large amounts of other organisms that have already taken oil into their bodies. Oil interferes with longevity by making the animal too ill to mate. It interferes with breeding behavior such as birds sitting on their eggs, or by reducing the number of eggs a bird will lay. It is damaging marine mammal's eyes causing blindness, making it difficult for them to find food and mate, causing starvation and plummeting numbers. Of course by instinct alone, much of the undersea animal population and the land mammals on the coast is doing the best they can to avoid the oil or they are leaving their homes altogether. Unfortunately fishermen and others hired to cleanup BP's mess are coming down with nausea, severe headaches, and breathing problems after working in waters contaminated with oil. In short the oil is inexorably trying to replace everything in its path if not kill the lot outright.

    While it is a truly grievous thing to watch I believe the Gulf of Mexico will eventually recover and those responsible for this insanity will pay dearly. I say this because the oil spill is a physical real time disaster caused by means of a physical origin. We can see it. We can work with it. It can be mapped tracked and eventually contained. Logic and reasoning can physically alter its movement and nullify its effects. It can be controlled with the right technology and it can certainly be cleaned up. And no, it won't be easy.

    Nothing of this magnitude ever is.

    However, let us remember that this disaster was an accident, most likely caused by human error, and history is rife with human errors. While no one seems to be entirely sure what caused the Deepwater Horizon failure, it seems to me that the enormous depth and pressure of the location, not to mention the "learning curve" that goes working within these hostile conditions most likely contributed to the initial leak, and is now contributing to the difficulties in stopping the leak. Once the leak is capped, and it will be, we should continue to drill for oil while Nature's rejuvenation is augmented by man with patient skill and physical involvement. But it’s going to take time, lots of time, and there may possibly be many, many casualties along the way before the ocean, wildlife, and those who depend on the sea for a living are fully restored. The struggle for restoration will seem endless.

    Running parallel to the Gulf coast tragedy of oil and death is another kind of tragedy, only this one is ideological in nature but with physical ramifications. There is another tide of blackness that’s been creeping into our lives our minds and our hearts. It is far stickier, far more toxic than any oil spill. Moreover it wasn’t caused an accident either. This ongoing catastrophe was put into motion on purpose by those who hate our people, white Americans. It has physically and psychically manifested itself in any number of ways and we can describe it as any number of things. We can call it political correctness, multiculturalism, affirmative action, hate crime laws, class conflict, fear of government, the suppression of human development, reduced efficiency of the economy, off shoring, and above all else the corporal and biased minority status of European Americans in the nation of their forefathers. Even if the BP oil spill covers the entire Gulf of Mexico nothing can compare to this kind of physical and spiritual long-standing disaster.

    Indeed, whereas many European derived people around the world are rightfully upset about the imperiled wildlife before the Deep Water Horizon oil spill they are keenly unaware of their own demographic threat; a threat that can be reversed with the right tools and long term planning.

    Since at least the mid sixties the United States has had its share of government traitors, social engineers and corporate criminals who have successfully not only rubbed our noses in diversity, they have also convinced many of us to believe we actually like it. Nevertheless, there's no reason to suspect it has all been something akin to happen stance, or some kind of ill-defined cultural shift. Based on a little research and multiple news reports we can conclude Washington DC and its puppet masters has not merely failed to control Third World immigration as well as the other sicknesses I’ve listed above effectively. I say their plot is to deliberately and with malice aforethought maintain a new kind of hyper progressivism in order to behead European American identity its culture and people; to replace white America with something else for the sake of political expediency and ease of rule. Higher taxes to supplement a burgeoning Third World welfare class, the funding of all kinds of non-white pressure groups, civil rights tribunals, protected status based on race, political correctness buttressed by harsh legal penalties--all of these and more have been rammed down the throats of European Americans with impunity. So rather than a broken wellhead pumping its noxious contents into the waters of life, we have instead a malevolent stream of self hate, fear of dissent, and psychotic egalitarianism force fed to white Americans by the federal government, the media, our churches, schools, and universities. (In other words) manufactured consent: you’ve seen it yourself and you know what it means.

    Whereas the oil rig apocalypse was an accident, the purported Left and the alleged Right are both responsible for today's deliberate dumbing down of the white population and the attendant browning of America. Make no mistake about it. Destroying the characteristics and existence of a targeted race through lies and deception is deliberate genocide, above all for people derived from Europe who are now a dwindling minority in the world. In 1960 whites comprised around 90 percent of the continental (US) population. Today it is barely 65 percent. Does that sound like an accident to you? Not by a long shot. In the final analysis we can agree then that "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group…” In other words like the ill-fated wildlife which are at the mercy of the sludge boiling up out of the bottomless Gulf, systemic deceptions, outright lies, and officially sanctioned narcissism has interfered with our peoples longevity, making us (metaphorically) ‘too ill’ to mate, causing ‘blindness’ and we have confirmed our plummeting numbers. Of course as the United States becomes darker and more redolent of the Third World, by instinct alone much of the European American population is doing the best it can to deal with the transformation of their neighborhoods towns and cities or they are leaving their homes altogether.

    While we must always seek a peaceful political solution to the problems European Americans are facing in 2010 and beyond, the fact remains that violence as a response to our political endeavors is never out of the question for our enemies. The federal government, the media and even academia all know that in order to ultimately enforce the kind of multiculturalism and impossible equality that some of us oppose, it will eventually require explicit violence. The current soft totalitarianism we see today, a form of bureaucratic bloodshed that nearly always implies actual violence (in the lefts' opposition to European American advocacy), reflects the lack of personal integrity in our leaders as well as their immunity due to the voting public's politically correct universally induced blindness i.e. the loudest voice is always heard loudly.

    Because we live in a so-called democracy, the bedrock of which is multiculturalism, it is under this threat of implied violence that has allowed European America, for example, to become infiltrated with large numbers of non-white aliens with strong ties to their home country. That’s also why if anyone starts raising hell about it our enemies immediately pull out their trump card and scream racist. In the meantime each new immigrant, legal or not, is allowed to bring in their extended family, to actively participate in a network of local and national nonprofits which supersede the law of the land, to accept money from leftist and religious groups, to maintain racial and cultural solidarity, to eventually drive out and marginalize white culture and white presence. Again, if any one objects too loudly they scream racist which always carries an implied threat of bureaucratic violence or actual violence--and the so-called debate is over. Moreover, the Federal government, contrary to the Constitution, has assisted in the browning of America. Like Pat Buchanan said in 2004:

    "Multiculturalism is a tool used by ... elites to dismantle white Western civilization".

    Indeed, from the age of the earliest European explorers to the original English settlers we have been willingly transformed from bravery and staying power to not displaying leadership; not caring enough about our children’s future; lack of confidence to stand up, and victim hood rather than victory. And no, no one is saying the restoration of our blood by reclaiming our future will be easy.

    Great things never are.

    While it is commendable and necessary to continue to vote for healthy change on behalf of the white West it must be exercised under the clear headed realization that voting may eventually become useless and the entire structure as we know it today will have to replaced, or cleaned up if you will. Preferably with something akin to Diagramming a White America we must also understand our enemies will not easily relinquish their power; that their weapons of implied and explicit violence are ever present in defense of their corruption. Call it wishful thinking but I like to think the Tea Party and other paleoconservative stirrings are just the barest beginning toward the ultimate vigorous defense of European Americans. In fact we all can accelerate this process as more and more European American advocates participate in these movements by becoming educated valuable and resourceful members of the Tea Party and related movements. Remember: just as implied violence is necessary for controlling the masses implied whiteness is the means by which explicit whiteness comes to the fore.

    And honestly, I hope the coming transformation is as drastic and far reaching enough to become a full on nightmare for those who have deliberately brought us to the current apologetic state our folk are now in. Time will tell, and we have precious little left to clean up the surging oily mess that has poisoned our national consciousness and reduced our physical numbers. Indeed if you lived on the Louisiana or Florida coast wouldn’t you do everything in your power to help clean up the BP oil disaster like so many are doing now? Would anyone have to tell you to act?  All right, the situation I’ve presented to you today is just as real, just as deadly, and I urge you to learn more. If you are already involved, believe me, we can tell -- and we are grateful. If not -- let’s get moving.

    News Source: author

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