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    The Convert
    Report; Posted on: 2007-06-19 07:28:56 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Pictured: Jared Zabransky

    by Kevin Roberts
    Caste Football

    A common phenomenon in today's NFL is the transition of college quarterbacks with good speed and athleticism to the wide receiver position. Guys like Matt Jones, Brad Smith, Marcus Vick, and Isaiah Stanback have and still are in the process of making the move. And while I'm sure that puts a warm feeling in your heart, it twists a knot in my stomach.

    I cannot sit idly by any longer and watch superior receiving talent slip to the late rounds of the draft or go undrafted while these converted quarterbacks are being drafted in the first four rounds based solely on potential. It's not right and it's not fair. The only true success story out of this experiment has been Antwan Randel El, who hasn't even turned out to be a great receiver, just a versatile playmaker. As for Matt Jones, he's a work in progress, but has the tools to truly be a great receiver.

    But that's where it drops off considerably. Guys like Marcus Vick, Brad Smith, and Stanback should not be in the NFL. And they most certainly should not be drafted ahead of guys like Mike Hass and David Ball.

    This is just embarrassing. As a sports fan, I feel the NFL Draft has been ruined and disgraced. How has the word "potential" gotten blown up to be this amazing saving-grave balloon, that once held onto, it will float you away to a magical planet where you can be good at any position you dream of?

    Someone please explain to me how a team can draft a guy like Stanback in the 4th round, when a guy like David Ball is still on the board? Mind boggling, isn't it?

    And if you're one of those people that completely disagrees and is in love with the converting quarterback, then chew on this: Why can't guys like Jared Zabransky and Eric Crouch follow in the mold of former Penn State QB Michael Robinson, and play running back? They have the speed and agility to do so. And nobody is tougher than a quarterback, so realistically they should be given a fair shot like anyone else. But no, Zabransky is trying to stick with a team at quarterback, and Crouch is no longer in the league because teams want to convert him to safety. In other words, the "fade away" position.

    The worst part about this issue is that it seems very racially biased. All the converting players besides "Mr. Exception" Matt Jones have been black. It just doesn't make any sense. Guys with fantastic athletic ability like Josh McCown ride the bench when they have the speed and agility to play receiver or tail-back. But a quarterback like Michael Vick with terrible accuracy is a full-fledged starter unless he gets hurt.
    I don't mean to make it a racial issue. But sadly, it already is.
    News Source: Castefootball.us


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