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    Denmark: A Lethal Tantrum
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-06-18 17:34:48 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Violent anti-White "progressives" show their true colors

    by Baron Bodissey

    As you may recall, back in March we reported on a little tantrum thrown by the autonomer of Nørrebro, a district of Copenhagen. It seems the youths were a little bit upset and found it necessary to burn some cars and throw things at the police in order to express their displeasure.

    “Autonomer” is the Danish term for a hodge-podge of anarchists, Trotskyites, radical Greens and all the other players we see in the anti-war and anti-globalist demonstrations that erupt periodically across the Western world. Here in the USA it would be International ANSWER filling the same role.

    They are called autonomer because they reckon themselves to be autonomous, i.e. not part of the patriarchal capitalist warmongering fascistic country they happen to be living in. They are the true independent free-thinking progressive idealists of our time.

    Which is very interesting, because they threw that incendiary tantrum back in March because they were finally evicted by the police from Ungdomshuset (the Youth House), a house in Nørrebro where they had been squatting for years. They didn’t own it, but since they had been living there so long, and since property is an outmoded concept of bourgeois capitalism, they considered it theirs.

    And how do these youths support themselves? Why, they are recipients of government welfare benefits, of course!

    Some “autonomy”.

    Full Article
    News Source: gatesofvienna.blogspot.com


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