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    Audio: Who is Andrew Keen and Why Does He Hate the Internet?
    Report; Posted on: 2007-06-17 18:02:52 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Leave the media to the 'experts,' he warns.

    "Like our own John Young has mentioned before on these Western Voices broadcasts, Dynamic Silence was invented by Rabbi Fineberg of the American Jewish Committee in 1947 as a method of closing off all access to the public media - and thus the larger culture - for people or organizations deemed to have an “unacceptable” point of view. It’s generally understood as being comprised of two parts. In the first part, unfavored individuals are denied unmediated exposure to the public.

    In the second part, only negative aspects of the unfavored individuals are reported. This starts a downward spiral of de-legitimization in the public eye in which the harder unfavored individuals try to get public exposure, the more negative and unflattering that exposure becomes until, finally, nobody wants to be associated with the ideas or beliefs of the unfavored individuals. In other words, nearly the entire media machine from which millions of our people get their ‘news’ and entertainment uses this technique to shut out concerns that are as important to European Americans as similar concerns are important to non-white activist groups. Inasmuch as it took a massive coordinated effort to bring us the false condemnation of the Duke University “rape” story, it took a corresponding effort to keep the Knoxville slaughter of the two college students from ever hitting the airwaves. Why? Because they knew people like you and me would be utterly outraged, and Lord knows they can’t afford for stories like that to awaken millions of fair minded European Americans who suddenly realize they have a duty to flatly raise hell on their own behalf. That, my friends is how the media does it: demonization and a wall of silence."

    -- Frank Roman

    National Public Radio Audio

    News Source: National Public Radio


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