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    We Hate Gringos ( European Americans)
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-06-16 20:43:01 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Contrary to conventional wisdom "racism" is not the sole domain of angry white men.

    'Without jobs and free handouts from American taxpayers, they (mestizo interlopers -- editor) will pack up and head out. Any remaining illegals should be sent to tent-city jails and put to work in the fields until they are deported. All money they earn from the growers will be put in a fund to cover the cost of the jail. All costs for incarceration and deportation will be paid by the illegal aliens’ home country. If they refuse to pay, we cut off their foreign aid.'

    -Build the wall, electrify it if necessary
    -Fine and jail every employer who hires illegal aliens
    -No in-state tuition for illegals
    -Illegal aliens attempting to vote in any Federal, State or Local election shall be imprisioned for 10 years in our tent-city jails and put to work in the fields, followed by deportation
    -No more anchor babies for illegals - no automatic citizenship
    -No visa increases for importing cheap foreign labor
    -No government funded multilingual programs for anyone - legal or illegal
    -No health care for illegals unless it is a true emergency
    -Remaining health care costs for illegals shall be billed to their home country
    -No food stamps for illegals
    -Eliminate all multicultural programs in government funded schools
    -No amnesty for illegals
    -No taxpayer funded K-12 education for illegals
    -Outlaw the display of foreign flags except at embassies and consulates
    -No drivers licenses for illegals
    -Add a 50% tax all on all money sent to home countries by illegals
    -No bank accounts or credit cards for illegals
    -No guest-worker scams for illegals
    -No home mortgages for illegals
    -Add a 50% tax on transfers by money laundering companies like Western Union
    -Force all Mexican consulates to shut down in every state.
    -Eliminate tax-exempt status for radical hate groups like LULAC, MEChA, etc.
    -Authorize all local police to enforce federal immigration laws
    -Demand full cooperation from foreign countries
    -If they don’t comply, cut off all foreign aid
    -Repeal anti-American trade pacts like NAFTA, CAFTA
    -Replace every traitor in government with America First patriots
    -Always put the interest of America and Americans first - if our government won’t do it, who will?

    And more…Source

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    News Source: wehategringos.com


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