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    $outhern Poverty Law Center: Liars Ca$hing In
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2010-04-19 18:36:12 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    ...I do not trust anyone who works for the mainstream media and cable net work talk show anchors, and certainly not someone representing the SPLC...

    By: Devvy
    April 19, 2010

    "The Southern Poverty Law Center, for the viewers who may not know it, is an organization that specializes in finding offenses that they can raise money around.....Morris Dees, who is the owner of it, if you'd like, I think, is nothing more than a scam artist." C-SPAN Q&A Host: Brian Lamb Interview with Wesley Pruden, “Washington Times” Editor in Chief

    The misnamed Southern "Poverty" Law Center is nothing of the sort. That organization is drowning in money.[1] Their "leadership" doesn't give a ticker's damn about the U.S. Constitution. Morris Dees cares only for money and he's been raking it in for decades to support his lavish lifestyle. A lifestyle of sexual perversion (peeping on his naked 16-year old step daughter), sexual deviant (in bed with another man in front of his wife) and peddling  "intolerance" better than any snake oil salesman of the 19th Century:


    According to Potok, if you are against sodomites and lesbians, you're part of a hate group. According to Potok, if you are for upholding our immigration laws, you're a hate group.

    Before jumping on the SPLC gravy train, Potok was a reporter for newspapers like USA Today and the Miami Herald. It was difficult to find any personal information on Potok, but apparently he is married, never graduated from college. He is by today's standards, highly unattractive. A real eye sore. He's also what I call a sissy man. A real man in the tradition of Patrick Henry or Joseph Banister scares little Napoleon's like Mark Potok. The Second Amendment scares ninnies like Potok. He supports sodomites because I believe he identifies with them: "sensitive" and effeminate.


    News Source: author


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