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    An Open Letter to Ro Alvarado-Parker of Boise State University
    Activism; Posted on: 2010-02-20 09:01:40 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    This cannot stand.

    Hello Ms. Alavarado-Parker;

    We were shocked to discover you posted an image on your personal Facebook account which your employer, Boise State University, described as an “illustration” of two black women, one of whom is pointing a finger in the face of a white man. He is holding his hands up in a position of semi-surrender. The caption reads ‘shut the #### up, Whiteboy.'
    As evidenced by the vile illustration on your personal Facebook page it is our contention that you have allowed your personal hatred toward European Americans, and by extension your white students, to infect whatever "academic" agenda BSU foolishly allows you to administer.

    We also understand your goal as an instructor of the Cultural Center is to "plan programming that will raise awareness of marginalized groups, white privilege, identity and oppression."

    Promoting disingenuous canards against the majority population is promoting an activity that can only be described as oppressive and destructive, which in your case is an ideology of non-white privilege.

    It is therefore not unreasonable to explore the mind and motives of individuals such as yourself.

    We conclude that you represent a deliberate effort to subject European-Americans to discrimination in education, employment, economics and more. Moreover, we also conclude that one of your "programming" platforms at BSU is the deliberate subjection of your white students to an unjustified sense of guilt and oppression toward those with whom you claim solidarity. This can only be described as bigotry, as well as a clear violation of civil rights laws.

    Whether anti-white supremacists such as yourselves like it or not, diverse white American peoples possess a right to name, label, define, and preserve themselves as is the right of the members of every other group in America.

    Additionally, please do not  claim the illustration was unfairly taken out of context and it is not reflective of your veiws of white folks. We know better. Had a corresponding illustration appeared on a white  BSU instructor's Facebook page you and others would be calling for their termination.

    We therefore urge Boise State University to fire you immediately or risk loss of funding by associating with the same poisonous ideology to which you subscribe.

    Very truly;

    Drago Rendl
    Frank Roman
    John Young
    Board of Directors, European Americans United

    Note: Please be advised this letter, and all available BSU contact information, has been made available on our news site here.
    News Source: EAU BOD

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