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    Adopting Haiti
    Audio; Posted on: 2010-01-31 14:59:55 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some “universal heritage of humanity” will not be enough to make it so." -- Nobel Prize winner James Watson

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    Unless you were born on another planet you can't open a newspaper, turn on a television or log onto the Internet without running across something pertaining to the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. In print, on television, online, story after story of beleaguered black Haitians is served up complete with graphic imagery, tales of heroism, and breathless commentary. As a result the world is and has been mobilizing its resources in order to feed and house the victims of the Haiti earth quake -- and bury their dead. Personal accounts and news descriptions tell us the world has rarely seen a disaster similar to what Haitians are suffering. And we can agree that it was a horrific calamity. No person with even a modicum of good will would wish that kind of adversity on anyone. Still when it comes down to the nitty gritty—if you pay attention to the coverage-- you will understand that you are actually receiving signals from the media that your rough life isn't so rough after all.

    On a dogmatic level the media’s talking heads are scolding you: asking how anything else like your own personal affairs should matter when so many people have died and so many more are still in distress? 

    Academics, journalists, government officials, and intellectuals throughout the Western world have publicly come together to insist that you dig deep for Haiti because you are a person “means” and the Haitians are not. In fact it goes further than that. And it is with confidence when I say a ‘person of means’ I’m talking about European Americans. I also am able to include white Europeans, white Canadians and white Australians too. The constant barrage of Haitian woe and disaster by every available information vector (LINK) is deliberately designed to make our lives seem like a guilt laden distraction in one way or another-- and apparently its working.

    The new branch of the family tree arrives

    Ironically, that message comes not only from religious institutions but also from wholly anti-religious institutions—like Hollywood. If you think about it both groups share the same dismal values of multiculturalism and equality and they believe all the world should be blended together. The historically well known altruism, or if you prefer “implanted” naiveté, of Western man has thus been fully awakened.

    To the media and politicians it is imperative for us to remember that non-white people around the world suffer in ways so horrible that we cannot even imagine. Remember ‘Feed the World?’ Remember all of those Sally Struther’s infomercials? Destitute white children need not apply. Therefore the most wretched country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti, requires that people of means should feel very guilty, or even now plainly uncomfortable, if we do not assist black Haitians. And really, do you think for a moment that if a 7.0 earthquake took place in say Ireland—do you think the emotional response we have been seeing would occur? Of course not. The Irish are white and successful. Haitians are black and backwards. It’s much easier to cherish the ideas of democracy and equality with Haitians as the focal point than it would be with Irishmen.

    Madonna sets an example

    Of course that should come as no surprise. Since the beginning of time when even the most disparate icons like witch doctors and missionaries promoted the ideas of guilt and salvation our people especially have absorbed whatever negative attitudes and opinions were needed to shape community behavior, effectively undermining America’s racial and national solidarity. More narrowly, following the War Between the States, white Americans have been relentlessly deluged by the media, churches, universities and schools, with assuming responsibility for the plight of black slaves as well as their black Americans’ descendants’ failure to assimilate into European American culture. Following World War II the effort gained new vitality (LINK) as all white Americans were hypnotized by increasingly propagandized television programming; and its institutions were driven rapidly leftward, most especially by Critical Theory advocates.

    In lieu of the sickening sixties racial equality was given top billing with American blacks depicted as nothing more than white people with a different skin color, which in turn was the sole reason why blacks were persecuted by a sub group of whites around the world. Hence, the Civil Rights movement, The Black Panthers, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and a host of race baiting self interested white politicians who smelled long tenure in Washington DC, made sure American whites were sufficiently guilt stricken. Billions of dollars  and sixty plus years later the process is ongoing—with little to show for it except: interracial dating, mixed marriages, a growing biracial population, rising anti-white violence, rap, wiggers, hate crime laws, an over burdened welfare system, black sports and entertainment hero worship, black and other non-white political lobbies, and now president Barack Obama.

    While the architects of public opinion want as much of the West as possible to send money to Haiti or hop a plane and dig wells for hospitals and schools, to risk their lives and health laboring hard in Haiti's miserable climate, they also do not want anyone to actually think much about it. Doing so might give a body second thoughts. Being accepted, fitting in, being approved of by your peers -- like the constant feed of propaganda implies -- is much more important to whites now as it has been over the last sixty plus years. An accurate understanding of a place like Haiti and its black population is not welcome in a politically correct West, but we nevertheless have many reasons why we should NOT waste too much of our time helping Haiti.

    First, Haiti’s long bloody history between the Europeans and the African slaves they brought to the island culminated in 1801/02 with a literal cattle-like slaughter of thousands of French and other European citizens by their former slaves. Even mulattos were hunted down and murdered. Whereas Haiti was called the Jewell of the Caribbean due to the abundance of its trade commodities, from that point onward Haiti has remained a parasitic, ugly, poor, violent, dictator prone paradise of voodoo cannibalism; having never risen above even a minimal effort at real nation building. Conversely, although Europe had already engaged in hundreds of years of internecine bloodshed and revolution it is now a bastion of civilization -- as well as the destination of Haiti’s African kinsmen who seek a generous welfare system (and white women) which is unavailable in Africa. Unfortunately, the ideology of Europe’s former communist enemy, Marxism, has infected Europe and, with a few exceptions, leaves the door wide open to Africa.
    Secondly, in 1999 a little known post World War II report, authored by British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (who fought in the North African theater), was released to the news media by Britain's Public Records Office. While Field Marshall Montgomery was not only in favor of expanding the British Empire and stopping the spread of communism in Africa he also conveyed his blunt judgment of blacks, including the allegedly educated ones, and their potential. Montgomery the war hero flatly said the black African "is a complete savage and is quite incapable of developing the country himself." You can only imagine the horror his feminized peers experienced over that remark.

    Nevertheless, Bernard Montgomery was not the only person of his era who held the same beliefs. George Patton, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, H.L. Mencken, and H.P. Lovecraft just to name a few all held the same views on matters of race; that extreme introspection and foolish idealism have no place in the West. And since Haitians are the direct descendants of Africa it is this same foolish Western idealism that is on full display at present regarding Haiti.

    That’s why you don’t see Chinese citizens or Mexicans or Israelis—who are all in Haiti at this time—even black Americans rushing in to adopt black Haitian children, but white Canadians and white Americans do. The afore-mentioned people know better. They have enough problems of their own without creating their own versions of our own Miami where Haitian gangs run wild, gangs that rub even Americanized blacks the wrong way. They understand that importing Haitians predisposed to revolution and massacres, who as ‘family members’ will unalterably ruin their household and nation’s lineage, have no place among them. I mean, take a look at the conditions of Haiti prior to the earthquake and after. They don't burn each other alive, rape, defecate in public, steal, lynch or live in squalor because of their former slave masters or global politics. They do it because they don't comprehend why they shouldn't. While I am all in favor of sending Haiti some humanitarian aid it is for the sole purpose of keeping them in Haiti.

    Adoptions? No. Amnesty? No.

    Misplaced altruism
    While it may seem grimly amusing for some to observe the spectacle of Canadian and American whites anticipating the arrival of their new Caribbean children at an airport, you have to conclude that they are either highly susceptible to self hate propaganda; or they are desperately in search of a level of approval from their religious and communal peers that is to frightening to even contemplate.  Like I said earlier, with messages like guilt and salvation which our people especially have absorbed for over a half century, whatever negative attitudes and opinions were needed to shape community behavior so as not to feel guilty or embarrassed -- as a people of racial and material means -- continues to bear fruit.

    These sheep-like multiculturalists prefer hyper-emotional engagement over reasonable argument, blinding them to their own real interests; a kind of spend-and-consume outlook driven by self interest at the expense of everything else. Our current immigration disaster with Mexico applies also.

    Consequently I would imagine that if we were to dangle these deluded white folks from a one hundred story building and we asked them what places like Somalia, South Central Los Angeles, New Orleans, Rwanda, Detroit and Haiti all have in common it would result in a foregone conclusion. They would rather be dropped than answer the question honestly, and that’s sad. Nevertheless no bleeding-heart leftist or neocon sleight of hand can hide the obvious truth. That's why Africa and Haiti will never amount to anything and we who know better should continue to concentrate our efforts on those who are capable of learning something.

    Thanks for listening.

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    European Americans United
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    Sacramento, CA 95827

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