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    Immigration Bill Is Dead
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-06-09 20:36:26 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "Defeating this bill, while a significant milestone victory for America and Internet activists, is only the first step."

    by James Buchanan

    After the Senate (and House) were relentlessly badgered by patriotic Americans for the last two weeks, the “Immigration Reform Bill” also known as the Amnesty Bill has been killed in the Senate. Attempts to stop debate with a “cloture vote” failed, and it became obvious to the Senate majority leader Harry Reid that the Immigration Bill was hopelessly deadlocked. Sean Hannity announced on his radio show, that his sources in Congress told him the massive grass roots campaign against the Immigration Bill was alarming politicians and convinced many of them to vote against the bill.

    Congress and President George Bush tried to rush through a bill that would have made a mockery of US Citizenship. It would have made citizens out of every illegal alien who sneaked into the US prior to January 2007. Illegal aliens pay almost nothing in taxes and cause an enormous financial drain on government, which means higher taxes for legal US citizens. Many public schools have been effectively destroyed by swarms of illegal alien children. American inventors have produced a wide range of robots, which can pick even grapes and strawberries. Our government should be encouraging and even helping the agriculture industry to acquire these machines rather than use Third World labor. A steady increase in the number of E-Coli and hepatitis incidents provides an even greater incentive to replace illegal aliens with machines.

    The John and Ken Show on 640AM in Los Angeles began a campaign to bury Senator Dianne Feinstein with anti-Immigration Bill phone calls after she said that there was not much opposition and that she would be impressed if she got 30,000 calls against the bill. The Feinstein staff refused to say how many anti-Immigration calls they got, but Senator Feinstein credited talk radio with building a huge backlash against the bill.

    While a few talk radio shows did made a serious effort against the Immigration Bill such as the John and Ken Show, Sean Hannity’s radio show and the Michael Savage Show, many conservative talk radio hosts were making only a half-hearted effort over the last two weeks. Rush Limbaugh seemed to treat the Immigration battle as the last thing on a “to do” list.

    There was however a HUGE effort on the Internet to kill the Immigration Bill. We are living in a new age in which patriots on the Internet are like modern-day Paul Revere’s, calling out to people to rise up to fight for their country. This Immigration Bill was a deadly serious threat. Not only would it have given amnesty to 20 million illegal alien Latinos, it would have given Z-Class visas to their relatives, which would have led to an additional 50 to 60 million Latinos invading the US. This bill could have eliminated the White majority in America decades sooner than the much-predicted year 2050.

    Defeating this bill, while a significant milestone victory for America and Internet activists, is only the first step. We need to pressure our Congressmen to finish the border fence, which right now is only a few miles long. And we need to demand DEPORTATIONS of the millions of illegal aliens currently in America today.

    News Source: WhiteCivilRights.com

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